10 Of The World’s Highest Paid Actors In 2015 Whose Salary Will Blow Your Mind

Salary of these actors will surely take away your mind, where their income was something more than a mobile number. Have a look at the world’s highest paid actors according to 2015 Forbes list.

1. Robert Downey Jr. earning continues to skyrocket and he is expected to earn an average amount of $80 million a year.



2. China’s biggest movie star, Jackie Chan always gets a boost after each performance and he earns $50 million a year.



3. Vin Diesel speed his way in Hollywood career and it is said, Vin earns a huge amount of $47 million a year.



4. Tom Cruise has earned an estimated $40 million profit in 2012 after his Impossible Ghost protocol. So, he makes up to the list.



5. Amitabh Bachchan is starred in more than 100 movies in his 50 years of career and roughly earns $33.5 million.



6. Akshay Kumar is one of highest paid celebs in Bollywood whose earning is expected to be $32.5 million a year.



7. Mark Wahlberg is banking off the back of 2015’s teddy bear comedy where he is expected to earn more than $32 million, which was his last year record.

Mark Wahlberg Wallpapers


8. Johnny Depp , Captain Jack sparrow surely cannot miss the list. Exploring the territories this talent is expected to take away $30 million a year.



9. Leonardo Dicarpio , one of the most successful actors on screen is expected to return on screen with a bang in 2015-16, and until now his earning says, $29 million.



10. The ‘thor’ star Chris Hemsworth makes it up to be $27 million and is the tenth highest paid actors in the world.


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