10 Reasons That Will Prove Solo Travel Is Better Than A Group Trip

1. Freedom to Discover things at your Pace

No compromise, no catering. Wake up early; sleep until noon  When you travel solo, not only is your experience unfiltered by the perspective and opinions of your companion, but you can create the journey that reflects your style and preferences, right down to the details. You can be spontaneous without accounting for anyone else’s feelings. This trip is your blank canvas. Start painting!
Fizzip Traveller Kunjal Karaniya from Jamnagar shares, “Binsar, an unexplored wilderness situated in the Kumaon ranges of Uttarakhand is perfect for nature and wildlife lover. It is home to numerous birds and wildlife. The entire Binsar sanctuary is a preserved forest with a majestic view of Eastern Himalayan ranges. We stayed for 3 nights explored the place by treks and bird watching. It is simply beautiful and living in the nature!”

2. No one to Disappoint or Please

When you travel with a companion, however compatible, you see the world, in part, through your companion’s eyes. Your attention is divided between your experience and perspective and those of your companion. When you travel alone, your focus is undivided. You can be more engaged in and more attentive to the place you’re in.
Fizzip Traveller Shyam Sunder Singh from Lucknow shares, “The destination is full of natural beauty. It has pilgrimage importance. Thousands of people visit it daily. There is a brilliant display of natural beauty with the Himalayas around it. It is the best place to be during the summer holidays. It gives a perfect display of our religious beliefs with small children to senior citizens chanting the name of the goddess and going above the hill.”

3. Meeting Diverse People

As a solo traveller you’re more approachable; you aren’t intimidating. When people are travelling alone, they are more eager to chat with locals, meet travel buddies or team up with fellow travellers. In this way, you can make new friends and gain valuable knowledge about wherever you are.
Fizzip Traveller Koushik Das from Bangalore shares, “Mathura is one of the most important pilgrimage place in the country. We visited Vrindavan extensively – its famous ancient temples. Among the temples Radha Damodar, Radha Shyam Sundar and Madan Mohan temples are must visit. Kaliya Daha Ghat is a prominent place in Vrindavan. Radha Kund and Shyam Kund are the two holiest tanks in Vrindavan. Also must visits are Nand Gain and Kans Karagar.”

4. It’s Exciting and Adventurous

When you travel on your own, you are definitely more flexible with time and the decisions you make. You can hitchhike, hike, dance on the beach, change your destination at last minute without stress and compromises. When you travel, you are open to change and you will welcome it with open arms. You just follow your rhythm, heart and mind.
Fizzip Traveller Priyam Goyal from Chennai shares, “Varkala is a quite and lovely beach town. We stayed at the Gateway hotel which was half a kilometre from the beach.The Papanasam beach is a very picturesque beach though it can get a little crowded. The best attraction of Varkala, which is the ‘Cliff’. This kilometre long stretch of cliff has many cafe and restaurants. It is lined with quaint curio shops. watching the sunset from a Sidewalk cafe at the cliff, sipping iced tea is a must. There are many eateries so food is not a problem. There are many Italian cafes’ on the cliff. It is a relaxed place, perfect for a leisure holiday”

5.No one is Dictating your Schedule

While travelling with other people, you often have to include their interests into your routine to make sure everyone is satisfied. However, when you travel solo, the only person you have to please is yourself. Fizzip Traveller Dharmendra Tripathi from Aurangabad shares, “Best place ever I seen is Khajuraho. There are so many temples and every temple has its own story and teaches us a great and enjoyable lesson. If you are going to Khajuraho stay in Chhatarpur because it is a medium city so it is not costly and very comfortable for stay. When visiting these tourist place Chhatarpur is a great city, a city of Maharaja Chhatrasal. It is famous for tourism due to its nearby famous tourist places like Dhubela Museum, Jatashankar MP tourism, Rainfall the great Waterfall and most known ever Khajuraho just 37 km away from Chhatarpur”

6. More time for Soul Searching

Often, when travelling alone, you gain valuable skills such as discovering what interests you, how to solve problems on the go, and how to effectively communicate with others. The latter is especially useful for those of you, who tend to be a bit shy when it comes to speaking to strangers. Regardless of where you travel too, there is a guarantee that by travelling alone, you will have to be the one to step up and care for yourself. Fizzip Traveller Dr. Shekhar Verma from Jaipur shares, “The dramatic change in terrain starts the moment you are over the rohtang pass. The deep valley of chandra river on one side and snow clad mountains on the other give you a feeling of being on a different planet. The gradual absence of any form of vegetation is striking. Climbing the lofty heights of Kunzum pass (14500 ft) you feel as if you have reached the skies. The great sculptures carved by the wind and snow over hundreds of years on the side of the river & the small villages dominated by buddhist religious symbols are a sight to behold. The oldest monastery at Tabo is worth seeing. places to stay are at Losar,Kaza and Tabo. The famous mummy of a monk at Gyu is near Tabo. ”

7. It’s far more Economical

Think about it. How many times has money stopped us from travelling because well, we simply don’t have it. While travelling does require spending, travelling alone means caring for yourself, and no one else. You permit yourself to spend money on what you want, and manage your own expenses, without worrying about feeling obliged to spend it on others as well.  Fizzip Traveller Dipak Kumar Patikar from Asansol shares, “Lolegaon, a small Lepcha village in Kalimpong Sub-Division of Darjeeling District of West Bengal State. If you are lucky enough the panoramic view of Kanchenjunga may be clearly sighted from here. The entire place surrounded by flower garden with variety unknown flowers. Outside is covered with Elaichi or cardamom plantation of the large variety. The Canopy Walk on the 180 meter Hanging Bridge in the forest trees is a few step of walk away which is a Heritage Forest Site. The giant statue of the Buddha is in the park nearby this place.”

8.  Helps you overcome your Fears

What does not kill you, makes you stronger. So true, isn’t it? When you are left on your own, you start fighting for what really matters to you. You overcome the fear of heights, darkness, spiders or even new food. The more you travel, the less you fear. As long as you make regular solo trips, you will feel more confident each time. Fizzip Traveller Abhigyan Chakrabort from Kolkata shares, “Full of snow and sights, this chilly place has the ability to woo wanderers from distant places. Exotic view of mountains, snow capped roads with yaks treading along them and zigzag roads – all of them together sum up this place. Make sure enough woolen cloths are carried as the temperatures can dip pretty low. For food, one has to depend on the locals as this place is not near any city, but the food served is standard.”

9. A big Boost for your Confidence

While travelling solo you may face various problems, make decisions and even take some risks when you’re on own. All these situations will, with no doubts, make you stronger, braver and much more confident though. Fizzip Traveller Deepika Maheshwari from Surat shares, “Silvassa is situated in Gujarat and is a good place to spend a couple of days being relaxed with your family. There are a lot of 5-star hotels and resorts where you can get relaxed enjoying water park and spa services. Nearest railway station is Vapi. Silvassa is a place where you can visit to enjoy peace life. But you will find couples more rather than family. So enjoy your trip.”

10. NO Drama

How many times did you argue with your travel buddies? How many times did you have to meet him/her half-way? If things do not go well, the entire trip can be a miserable, drama-filled time you’d love to forget. Fizzip Traveller Rachna Garg shares, “Overall experience was awesome. There are lot of activities one can do like water sports ( snorkeling, diving etc. ) but to enjoy water sports make sure that you visit during the season because during the rains you won’t find any water sports due to high tides. There is a rock garden which has an amazing sunset and sunrise view (a must visit beach). Tarkarli Beach with Golden Sand, Sangam, the point where the Karli river drains into the Arabian sea. Good place to see. The town itself is called Devbag and is the end of the land. There are lot of restaurants where in one can enjoy the regional malvani food.”

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