10 Reasons Why Travelling Makes You A Better Person

  1. You Learn to be Alone

You have travelled solo and realised that it isn’t so hard. In fact, travelling solo gives you time to introspect.

Fizzip Traveller Rohit Dhumane from Pune shares, “This is the best place to unwind. There is something magical in the air which makes it special. Whatever you are going through in the life, a trip here will get you back to your life refreshed with a new zeal. I personally went to leh for a 12 day solo trip. Went there by a direct flight from Delhi. If you want to save money book flights to srinagar. It just takes a day to reach leh from there. You don’t need to change flights too. Things I would recommend would be zanskar Valley rafting. It is in icy cold water and 28 kms amidst rapids. Sounds pretty dangerous but is actually very very safe. But it definitely gives you the adrenaline rush you get in the moment of danger. Also for stargazing at night to shanti stupa. Take one of the herbal tea and enjoy looking up the stars.”

2.  It Makes you Humble

While travelling to a new location, you rely on kindness of others and you realise the significance of hope. It helps you see the good in people and makes you a more kind and accepting person.

Fizzip Traveller Ashutosh Gupta from Kolkata shares, “Sikkim is amazing place to be Gangtok is very clean and people are very friendly. One can go for rafting, paragliding, trekking, sightseeing etc. Drive to Nathula pass via Tsangu lake was amazing although roads are not good. Nathula pass freezing and Tsangu lake was so quiet and calm, evenings at MG Marg is very good with lot of eating options.”

3.  You Learn How to Adapt to Situations

We’re scared of making choices, but while travelling, procrastination isn’t an option. It makes you deal with your fears and hones your skills.

Fizzip Traveller Rutavi Mehta from Mumbai shares, “Out of all the places, I have been solo – my fav is Pushkar. I have stayed there during Pushkar festival and enjoyed my each moment here. You can reach Jaipur and take a bus to Pushkar, which you hotel guy will tell you where you can catch a local bus. This would cost only 400 Rs to reach Pushkar, Once you reach then you can hunt for homestay and you get at as cheap as 500.This place is mix of religiousness, serene sunset, colorful life, sometimes groggy situations, shopping.”

4. Makes You See Life beyond  Materialistic Things

Material possessions become less important the more you travel. Leaving behind all non-essential material possessions is an incredibly liberating experience.

Fizzip Traveller Shashank Sharma from Delhi shares, “From Delhi to Munsiyari in my Cielo with family- a rare experience of culture, weather and magnificent peaks gave all of us the feel of serenity and calm in the valley of Kumaon.”

5. Travelling makes You Street Smart

Travelling is challenging both physically and mentally, but you’ll return home feeling wiser because of the experience on the road.

Fizzip Traveller Barkha Narwani from Ghaziabad shares, “I would suggest all the tourist who are planning to visit Auli that they should beware of the localites. Auli is full of snow with minimum population and hence people have their monopoly. They will force u to spend your money on them and you will because you will have no other option so play smart. The place is awesome.”

6. Helps you Appreciate the Little Things in Life

You learn a lot about life while travelling. While reflecting on all the things back home, everything seems grander and you start appreciating things like your friends, family and where you are from.

Fizzip Traveller Prajwal from Amravati shares, “I find this place as very cool and very interesting. Very less people were seen in this place which gives personnel space for couple and time to roam around. There are 3 road which goes to Chikhaldara from Paratwada. Out of which via Semadoh is very interesting with jungle view and small rivers.”

7. It Helps you Learn your Limits

Travelling is a great opportunity to touch up or learn new things before heading out. It helps you expand your skill set, and try something new!

Fizzip Traveller Abhijit Gupta from Kolkata shares, “Dzongri is the place for trekkers. Dzongri goecha La trek is one of the most popular treks in Sikkim. The terrains is very rough and hard. This trek is not suggested to first timers. Dzongri is a very beautiful and picturesque place to visit and the best thing lies with trekking.”

8. Beats Stress


Travelling allows you to slow down and enjoy the view, which is often easy to forget in the hustle and bustle of daily life. It puts things in perspective.

Fizzip Traveller Maharaja from Chennai shares, “Good experience, relaxed and refresh, get good enrage to become stress free from routine life. Nice mountain with greenery. Spent 4 to 6 days to enjoy all the locations. Tea estate and hotel was good. Hill station was enjoyable. Visit once.”

9. Makes You more Confident

Spending a few days navigating and surviving in the wild makes you realise that all the worldly problems that hammer you down are so insignificant. You get a clearer view of things and ways to tackle them.

Fizzip Traveller Anup Upadhyaya from Kolkata shares, “We went to Drass to see beautiful snowfall but the road of the Drass region was very dangerous that time because of the heavy rain and snow falling the all over Drass, Kargil and Ladakh Region. But we enjoyed a lot over there.”

10. Helps You Reinvent Yourself

People travel all the time in search of a meaning, or a fresh start, or a sense of purpose. You discover your hidden traits. The person who comes back is never the person who left for the trip.

Fizzip Traveller Neeraj Pathania from Delhi shares, “Rishikesh is a beautiful place located in shivalik hills in uttrakhand. Tapova is about 4 kms fron Rishikesh. There is hinduism all around with maa ganga flowing in is heart. There is a peace, calmness all around. Ram jhoola, laxman jhoola, choti vale baba restraunt, neelkanth mahadev are place to visit. Shivpuri is a place 16 kms fron Tapovan for adventure. Like beach side camping, river rafting, etc. Bungy jumping is an adventurous activity only at Rishikesh in India worth flowing at least only in life. It is a pure gutsy job.”

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