11 Crazy Life Lessons TAMASHA Taught Us

The couple of Ranbir Kapoor and Deepika Padukone never fails to inspire us with their movies. The latest addition to their hat is Tamasha, the story of a gifted storyteller Ved, who lost his path and ended up taking a tumultuous job that changed him completely. Tara, the character played by Deepika tries her level best to tie the strings of his life.

The movie revolving around storytelling teaches the meaning of life in a wide perspective.

#1 Stay mad and crazy while young to stay wise when old.

#2 Girls with “I don’t give a damn” attitude are best as travel buddy.

#3 Find the partner who extracts out your wilder side.

#4 Robotic life is not meant for everyone.

#5 A free soul can never be tied. Find yourself.

#6 A storyteller will find a story in everything.

#7 Slap yourself and tell that you are the best in the world.

#8 What happens in Corsica, Stays in Corsica.

#9 Girls love it simple silly

#10 Once crazy, forever crazy

#11 Your life’s story should be as steamy and young as possible.


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