14 Million people install windows 10 on first day

Around 14 Million people installed the Windows 10 OS in the first 24 hours of its release.

Corporate VP Yusuf Mehdi said in a blog post that they are humbled and grateful to see the overwhelming reponse to windows 10.

The new operating system aims at computers , mobile devices and other devices too running on windows platform.

The company has put a lot of things in the stake as the new OS also aims at mobile phones. Windows phone aint got much good response by consumers as they prefer iOS and android over windows due to limited app market and less features in Windows phones.

Microsoft skipped directly from Windows 8 to 10 which got a lackluster  response and is being offered as a free upgrade to most of the devices, making it possible to go for billions of devices.

At Microsoft’s Build developer conference, they laid out their goal of having Windows 10 installed on one billion devices in the next three years, which is their key to their future. Windows is not the primary development platform for many apps anymore, and one way to help that is to have a platform large enough to not easily be ignored. 14 million devices in one day is a good start.

It will allow for voice, pen and gesture input, and in some cases biometric identification for improved security.

But on the sour note, the CEO of Mozilla which makes firefox Web browser complains that windows 10 imposes the new edge browser as the default option overriding choices made by the consumers.

Mozilla CEO even sent a letter to satya nadella CEO of Microsoft on this issue.
Seems like Windows is now gripped up to not loose Default browser as their internet explorer faded away.

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