15 Variations Of Maggi You Would Love To Make

Maggi-the staple food for every young Indian living in a hostel or at home! Easy to cook and the fact that it’s so affordable is what makes it so popular. Maggi noodles come in a price bracket ranging from Rs 5 to Rs 40. Over the years Maggi has been the Mecca for every food experimentalist, be it adding vegetables to it or stuffing it in a roll. Here are 15 ways in which one can cook some delish Maggi!

  1. Masala Maggi

Just buy an extra packet of Maggi Masala and you are good to go! Make the usual Maggi and add that extra packet.

P.S. – Add less water than usual

2. Egg Maggi

Probably everyone has tried this variation at least once in his life time. While making Maggi, drop an egg or two. Whisk vigorously to get the yummiest Maggi ever!

3. Egg Bhurji Maggi

Another egg variation could be Egg Bhurji Maggi. Make Maggi the usual way in one burner and in the other burner add a dash of oil/ghee/olive oil, drop some chopped or roughly cut onions. Then add the egg and the usual spices (red chili powder, turmeric, crushed black pepper). Toss Maggi and eggs together and you are done.

4. Bread Maggi

Every hosteller or student who has studied outside his hometown knows about this. Make Maggi the usual way and place it in between two toasted slices of bread.

P.S. – Go for brown bread while making this and a piece of advice-rub butter and a clove of garlic on the toast for the zingy taste.

5. Soupy Maggi

This is not as easy as it looks like. A bit tedious to make, this is a desi variant of Minestrone basically. Chop carrots, celery, onions and vegetable stock. Fry the veggies in regular oil. Add vegetable stock, and simmer till half in volume. Add the Maggi and the Masala. Cook till the Maggi is done. Om nom nom!

6.  Chicken Maggi


This is not the usual Chinese vendor noodles with chicken. This is completely desified. Get tandoori Chicken from your local restaurant. Separate the meat from the bones. Make Maggi and add chicken. Tandoori Maggi, anyone?

7.  Prawn Maggi

Since fresh prawn is not available everywhere, buy a packet of frozen prawns, which is easily available in any super market. Fry the prawns and add it to the Maggi.

8. Tomato Maggi

The regular way of doing this is adding chopped tomatoes in the Maggi but if you want to tinkle your taste buds use tomato concassé.

P.S. – Tomato concassé can be made by slitting tomatoes and dropping them in simmering water for a minute or two. De-skin the tomatoes and remove all the seeds. Chop the de-skinned tomatoes; add white pepper and salt. What you get is tomato concassé.

9. Salsa Maggi

Roughly chop tomatoes, onion, green coriander and cucumber. Add lemon juice, crushed black pepper and salt. Drop in the cooked Maggi and mix all together. This is heaven in your mouth.

10. Cheeze Maggi

nother very popular and experimental ingredient in Maggi is Cheese. Be it Mozzarella or Cheddar, grate it on the Maggi after it’s cooked and heat it in the microwave for two more minutes. This is the yummiest form of Maggi that you will ever taste.

11. Short Crust Maggi

One tedious but super yummy Maggi preparation is Short Crust Maggi or Maggi Pie. For Short Crust – Rub butter and refined flour till bread crumbs consistency. Add cold water to form a tight dough. Place it in a small round tin container and make sure the dough covers the inside of the tin completely. Place the cooked Maggi in the centre of the tin. Grate cheese from the top. And heat it in the oven for 15 to 20 minutes.

12. Corn and Capsicum Maggi

This one is for those who cannot handle spicy food at all. Boil the Maggi and put boiled corn in it. Add salt and white pepper and cheese. Cook until it’s all slimy. Garnish it off with baked capsicums.

13. Left Over Maggi

This is probably the best variation for all the loners out there. Add any gravy from last night in the Maggi – be it Kadhai gravy, Shahi gravy or Korma gravy. Boil the Maggi without the Maggi Masala.

14. Kebab Roll Maggi

Cook Maggi the usual way. Slit a cooked seekh kebab vertically. Add the cooked Maggi and roll it up in a thin cooked Indian bread or ‘roomali roti’. Add ketchup or mustard if you wish and voila! Your kebab roll Maggi is ready.

15. Deep Fried Maggi

All you need is a deep pan filled with vegetable oil. Add cooked Maggi in the pan. Be very careful while doing so because the oil might splash back. Take out the Maggi once it start changing its colour with the help of a strainer and put it on a kitchen towel. Sprinkle some ‘chaat masala’ over it and what you have is tasty crispy deep fried Maggi. Not recommended for the health food folks though!

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