20 Late-Night Hangout Places In Delhi NCR

Who said one couldn’t hang out and have fun with their buddies while the nation’s capital snoozes away? Nightlife in Delhi in the past was almost non-existent, but then again, the night owls around the capital city have their own haunts to hoot away at.

One doesn’t have to be at a fancy hotel or restaurant and spend a bomb to enjoy under the twinkling stars of the night; Delhi does have its share of nightlife, only if you are ready to go all rustic and experimenting.
Some of the best places are right here, and the city offers the hungry souls (literally hungry ones) a haven to be at.

Here are the best late-night hangout places in Delhi NCR

1. Mocha Art House

Source : mocha.co.in

Mocha Art House – an excellent haunt for you if cricket is your thing. Located at DLF, Promenade, Vasant Kunj and open till wee hours of the morning, watch a match on the big screen here and sit with friends sipping your coffee and grabbing a bite under the clear-open city skies. Hookah anyone – Try the options available, and catch on to some good old Delhi moments- priceless as an experience which you shouldn’t miss.

Timings: 11 AM to 1 AM and Happy Hours: 11 AM – 11 PM

2. Little Owl Café

Source : zootout.com

Nestled and hidden from the crowds but at a prime spot near Sector 18 metro station in Noida, the Little Owl Cafe beckons the baby owls from across the city and its suburbs. Closed from 5am to 8am everyday and working through the other timings, they dish out a plethora of options for you to enjoy. Must try items are the range of veg and non-veg sandwiches and burgers, hot and piping Maggi and macaroni, patties and crispy garlic bread, yes the pastas too. Hookahs are a bonus to have, and you can opt from a wide range as well.

3. 24/7

Source : godfreyphillips.com

The name says it all- open round the clock and across the nooks and corners of the nations capital, 24/7 allows you to pick what you want and at anytime you want- groceries to quick snacking options, even in the dead of the night you would find pints of beer being sold, making it a hangout joint for the young and the restless.

4. E&Y Dhaba

Source : timescitycontent.com

Ernst & Young folks have it spread on a platter and the indulgence is seen through and through at this Dhaba. Satiate your hunger pangs right here, with as-good-as-homemade-meals; keema parathas, aloo parathas, egg burji and bread, Maggi, and a hot cup of steaming chai to wash them down.

Timings: 11am till midnight!

5. Pandara Road- India Gate

Source : tripadvisor.com

Located quite close to the historic India Gate, Pandara Road is up until 3 in the morning. Gulati, a very famous restaurant is where the night owls hoot away at. A little edgy and on the steeper side of expenses though, but who cares about the money when all you need is a bite, good company and yes, safety too. You’d surely find lovebirds thronging this area post midnight- Gulati at Pandara Road is a must-visit!

Timings: 12 noon till midnight!

6. The Booty Call


Source : cloudfront.net

Head on towards Satya Niketan and get into the famous Booty Call; 9pm onwards it seems the cluster of night-owls across the city perch here till wee hours of the morning. Drop by for dim sums, hot and piping parathas or dig into sandwiches and pastas; The Booty Call gets you everything you’d need in the dead of the night – medicines and chocolates too.

7. Comesum

Source : comesum.com

Fancy taking mummyji and pappaji out for a late night meal- Comesum is the place to be. A family restaurant that runs through the night and into the wee hours of the morning, you’d get to savour delicacies from all across the nation and the world, right here. Located at all major railway stations in the capital city, Comesum is now at Inderlok Metro Station too. If you have a late night train to catch, Comesum wouldn’t allow you to go hungry.

Timings: 24*7

8. Mc Donald’sSource : consumervoiceblog.wordpress.com

CP and PVR Saket’s Mc Donalds are open up until 2 in the morning, should you fancy a burger or fries at that time. Drive down and check into one of the outlets, and you’d be surprised at the PYT’s and their beaus hanging out there. Back door entry at PVR Saket is what makes it more exciting to grab a bite here. At CP, you’d have to get to Shivaji Stadium Bus Stand and enter Mc Donalds, which is open till 2 am!

9. Bun-Butter-Chai

Source : dubeat.com

Fed up of the anda-pao routine and would want to go a little simpler on eating in the dead of the night? Head on to Patel Chest in North Campus DU, the famous ‘bun-butter-chai’ haunt here is delightfully the best place to be at- the omelettes and boiled eggs along with Maggi till 5 in the morning are a hit!

10. Costa Coffee, Gurgaon

Source : tripadvisor.com

If you are in Gurgaon and would like to grab a bite, Costa Coffee in Sector 39 is the place to be at. Coffee lovers from the city and its suburbs when here hang around this haunt like bees to honey. For the best and very innovative coffees to have, Costa Coffee is the altar of coffee worshipers. Timings: 11 AM to 11 PM across all outlets.

11. Convergys Dhaba

Source : sodelhi.com

The BPO culture took a stronghold on foodies like most of us, which is why cashing in by feeding the world late at night is what this Dhaba is famous for. What you’d love about this place is the safety and the delicious yet simple food on avail. From Maggi noodles to chicken items, garlic and onion parathas to egg dishes, chowmein to dal makhani, malai kofta, kadhai paneer,butter chicken and Dhaba Chicken and more; be here and experience a gastronomical night out. Open 24*7 the dhaba is opposite cyber city in Gurgaon!

12. Jawaharlal Nehru University

Source : ixigo.com

South Delhi’s sprawling campus is a class apart, where scholars make their name and the nightlife mysteriously comes alive across the various eating haunts around here. Every single joint around and in JNU is a haunt for foodies, and a pretty safe place too. The eateries run round the clock, and every single nook and corner of the nation has a stall here- you wouldn’t miss home food when you are at JNU!

13. New Delhi Railway Station

Source : wikimedia.org

You don’t have to catch a train to neverland to be at NDLS- fancy a bite in the wee hours, NDLS has plenty of options for you to dig your fangs into. Cheap, hygienic and yummy- the long line of eateries here located near Paharganj gate would keep your stomach happy.

Round the clock!

14. Baba Kharak Singh Marg (CP)

Source : timescitycontent.com

Baba ki daya is what you’d generally hear the foodie say when they come to PVR Rivoli for a bite at Baba Kharak Singh Marg, CP. From rajma chawal at 1 am to parathas, chole bhature, naan, dal, makhani and fried rice options- get ready to dig into it all. Plenty of smaller joints adjacent to baba- so you’d never go hungry when the butterflies dance in your stomach, even at 1 in the morning- ready for a bite!

15. Shivaji Stadium

Source : oneworldnews.in

Head on to Shivaji Stadium Bus Stand, bang opposite Mc Donalds back gate and you would find hordes of Audi’s and BMW’s flashing their mettle- no you aren’t in a Dhoom zone movie scene; in fact you are at Shivaji Stadium, where the lovers of Kadhi Chawal , Aloo Parathe and other gastronomical lovers are found making a beeline at. Parking isn’t a problem here and the food is cheap too. All night long dig into the best food and delicious options.

16. Murthal

Source : tushky.com

Drive down 50kms from the nation’s capital and you’d reach Murthal- famous for the all-boys-gang-hangout, Murthal offers adventure and food, a couple of drinks too. Drinking and driving is NOT ADVISED though, but if you have someone sober who wouldn’t touch a drop; this is then the place to be! Murthal is famous for its cheap food, clean open-air dhabas- Sukhdev, Vaishnov, Gulshan Dhaba to name a few.

Timings are all night long and shut from 5am to 8am.

17. Moolchand Paranthewala

Source : amazonaws.com

Right outside the famous Moolchand Metro Station, and as the name suggests- a wide variety and range of parathas- hot and piping await your fluttering presence. Along with parathas, dig into the delicious anda curry, gobi dopiyaza and aloo matter dishes. What you’d love here are the green chutneys, dals and raitas served with the hot parathas- mouth watering no!

Timings: 24*7!

18. Late night Theka, Rohini

Source : midnightmunchies.in

Fancy a drink late night and don’t know where to pick a bottle from- Late Night Theka at Rohini is the Mecca for Bacchus lovers. The rates here are a little higher than the usual, however, it is worth the deal.

Timings: All night long!

19. Paranthas and Chai

Paranthas and Chai

Bang opposite the famous AIIMS at Safdarjung Hospital Gate, a humble yet very crowded hub serves the best milk tea along with hot parathas as though you were at home – anytime round the clock. You’d find medical students and professionals here always, and customers from all across the city digging into the plethora of food options, boiled eggs and omelets here.

Timings: 24*7.

20. Ganga Dhabha

Source : hindustantimes.com

Perfect place for a hit cup of tea with thalis or the tasty parathas- hot and piping; dig into hot samosas, bread rolls and egg dishes too. What you could also try here is the range of yummy milkshakes as well. You’d need to be at Jawaharlal Nehru University to savour this all; a student from JNU should escort you in!
Timings: 24*7

Says who once again that the curfew on Delhi hangout post midnight is in full-force? Pocket friendly and very safe places are around to eat and dine at, or simply to sip a cup of tea; Delhi has plenty of options and we’ve told you only a minuscule of them!

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