33 Types Of Pizzas That Will Take Every Foodie On A Gastronomic Journey.

Pizza – the oven-baked flat bread topped with tomato sauce, cheese and your favourite toppings that has the potential to make the whole world go crazy. What is it about the cheese bubbling, zingy-flavoured piece of bread that packs a bomb of flavours in it? Pizza can actually make people happy and this was supported by a study held in St. Bonaventure University in New York. They asked volunteers to draw their favorite food item and checked their levels of mood swings. People who drew pizza were found to be the happiest. Hence, there is no way pizza can make people sad. But how many is too many? Here are 33 different types of pizzas that every foodie must munch on to ensure happiness!

1. Margherita Pizza

2. Funghi Pizza

3. Capricciosa Pizza

4. Classic Vegetariana Pizza

5. Quattro Formaggi (4 types of cheese)

6. Marinara Pizza

7. Hawaiian Pizza

8. Pizza Maltija

9. Rucola Pizza

10. Kebab Pizza

11. Mexicana Pizza

12. New Haven-style Pizza

13. Chocolate Pizza

14. Nutella Pizza

15. Sea Food Pizza

16. Chicago Deep Dish

17. Detroit-style Pizza

18. Turkish Pizza

19. Tomato Pie

20. Frutti Di Mari Pizza

21. Meatball Pizza

22. Pizza Pescatore

23. Fruit Pizza

24. Neapolitan Pizza

25. Sicilian Pizza

26. Prosciutto Pizza

27. Rucola Pizza

28. Gourmet Pizza

29. Greek-style Pizza

30. Calzone

31. Indian Pizza

32. Mac N Cheese Pizza

33. Lastly, Pepperoni pizza

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