Twitter has a found an old video of Ravena Tandon Ranting Against the Media

An old video of actress Raveena Tandon losing it over ‘freedom of press’ has been resurrected by a Twitter user and is doing the rounds of social media.

In the video, Ms Tandon, 41, rants against the media in unprintable language. It’s been posted by a user who goes by the handle @GnomeBaba:

This tweet from the actress, star of films like Daman and Andaz Apna Apna, dates the footage to four years ago:

Twitter is divided between those who think the video is as hilarious as she does and others who argue that she’s dead right about the media.



Meanwhile, @GnomeBaba has not been blocked by @TandonRaveena, as requested.

The tweeted clip is a short version of Raveena’s rant against the press. It is available in its entirety as part of this collection of angry celebrity reactions published by a YouTube channel.



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