Channo-Kamli Yaar Di Movie | Review

imagesDirector : Pankaj Batra

Starring :       Neeru Bajwa, Binnu                                       Dhillon, Rana Ranbir,                                     Karamjit Anmol, Anita                                   Devgan, Banindejit Bunny

Special Appearance : Jassie Gill

Rating :           (3/5)

Run Time :       122 Minutes

Synopsis : The story revolves around a common Punjabi girl Channo who was separated from her husband four months ago after their marriage. She travels to Canada to find her missing husband Jeet.


Movie Review : After three connective hits ” Channo Kamli Yaar Di ” is another excellent presentation of challenging subject on screen by director Pankaj Batra.

Rightly lives up to its name and reinstates the fact that the core criterion for a decent film is a strong story. And if that story is in competent hands, you don’t need anything else. No big stars, songs, budget or even a customary male lead. For a (pleasant) change, the script is indeed the hero here!

The story is of one pregnant Neeru Bajwa (ChanPreet Kaur) who comes to Canada from Punjab (India) in search of her husband who, suddenly went missing.CKYD essentially banks upon the prowess of Neeru Bajwa, one of the most blessed actresses of the times, who impresses more with every new film. She brings depth and poise to her character and adds conviction in every scene.

Binnu Dhillon delivers a sensitive performance, quite contrary to his usual image. KaramJit Anmol is now have established himself as a must character artist for a film.In short role Rana Ranbir & Anita Devgan has given excellent performances.

In Cameo Jassie Gill will surprise you.

Technically, with excellent production values and decent music, the visuals by cinematographer Vineet Malhotra are vibrantly brought to life by his meticulous framing.

Music by Jatinder Shah is already on top of charts.

Channo, undoubtedly, is Pankaj Batra’s most accomplished works till date as he emerges as a skilful storyteller with the film. If story is what you seek from a film, Channo Kamli Yaar Di is a must-watch.

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