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7 Best Places To Celebrate Diwali In India

1. GOA

In Goa, the flavours of Diwali are completely unique. Narkasura processions usually mark the start of celebrations.

Fizzip Traveller Nivedita says, “India offers a tad bit of every possible terrain, countryside and the perfect climate conceivable to make it a happening place to be in. When it comes to the West Cost of India, the first beach destination that anyone can think of is Goa!”


One cannot imagine the festive mood of Diwali in Jaipur without visiting it. The lights play a agame of colours with the pink city and the city is a sight to behold.

Fizzip Traveller Niraj says, “Jaipur City is a world class city. You can call this city as ‘Heritage City, ‘Smart City’ or, Metro City’, as it has all these three qualities. This city is ‘Clean’, ‘Crime Free’, ‘Planned’ and ‘Green’ City. We know Rajasthan as Desert, but you cannot say after visiting this city that Jaipur is in Desert. I love this city and trust me you will also love this city after visiting here.”


Everyone knows the flavous of a Bengali Durga Pooja but Diwali in Kolkata is no less.

Fizzip Traveller Kumar says, “I went to Kolkata for a couple of months ago, and in the meantime I fell in love with this city. There are many things to explore in this city and the people were so humble and helpful and nice gesture by them. One should not miss science city, Victoria memorial, Nicco park, Eden Gardens, Howrah bridge.”


Imagine watching the fireworks from Marine Drive. Yes, that’s why Mumbai is one of the best places to enjoy Diwali.

Fizzip Traveller Vikalp says, “Mumbai is a dream city or as I call it theatre of Dreams. The city will embrace you like no other city would do. The fast moving city can give jolt who are new to this place. Enjoy the rains with Vada Pav & to feel the city, try travelling in Mumbai Local during afternoon when the rush would be less.”


There’s something about this city that you won’t find anywhere else. The calm of the river coupled with the aarti and rituals make up for a very spiritual experience,even in Diwali.

Fizzip Traveller Pankaj says, “This place always gives me unexplainable feelings. I have never been able to decode the hidden mystery of the place but for sure the feeling is positive. It has a mystical charm, a divine spirit This trip is very good. There are all type of facility. There food is very testy. There atmosphere is very good for us. My kids were also very happy to see Ganga River. This holy river is very clean.”


A quaint village on the hills along the Nashik-Mumbai Highway, this place has a unique way of celebrating the festival of lights. The villagers make a huge bonfire and children carry lamps around from house to house inviting people to put oil into them. Visit this place for a totally out of the world experience of the festival that you are likely to cherish for a long time.


The fireworks and the sky punctuated with the same is a spectacle to behold on Diwali. Don’t even expect the beauty of the Golden Temple to be described in words.

Fizzip Traveller Shahrukh says, “Amritsar is a very very beautifull city in India. There are many historical place. In Amritsar there are so many parks. And you feel like you are in heaven. In amritsar airport, shopping area, business area are more to compare other city. What a fantastic city.”



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