7 Girlfriends Can Not Be Your Wife




The Most DANGEROUS Once. as these kind of girls can make your life hell by emotionally blackmailing you. These types girls are SELF DESTRUCTIVE

 emotionally unstable



2. Liar

If a girl lies you in every thing that girl cant be faithful at all  you will not have any idea when she is sleeping with own close buddies



3. Dependent  

Dependent girls can make your MIND, Life Full of frustation as it they want to buy even a PIN. what the hell she will do is to call you. call you every single second. even you are PEEING :pdependent

4. Rude (Badass)

Badass Girls are hot i agree. but when they shows their reality you are gone my dear friend Rude


5. Mis-Manage Everything 

Get Ready to be a maid at your own home. as they are not going to make your life easy or smooth. they will destroy your Happiness


6. Nothing In Common

When Nothing is common get ready for Fights.commom

7. Her Dressing Sense

believe it or not, a wife needs to apply a bit of modesty in her dressing when she gets married. 

There’s a difference between a wife and a ho. If your wife dresses like a video vixen all the time or like a stripper, then expect no respect whatsoever when you are out together.


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