Akshay Kumar’s Reaction On #PathankotAttack

Bollywood is also sad with what’s happening in Pathankot and when actor Akshay Kumar was asked for his reaction on Pathankot attacks, he not only condemned them strongly but also said something in concern to terrorists which reflects the feeling of every Indian; he said “Inhe Ghus Ke Maro”.

The terrorist attack started on Saturday and till now seven soldiers have sacrificed their lives for the country. Akshay was talking to reporters in a press conference when he made his feelings public when he stated that all he wishes is to kill these terrorists who are responsible for this type of incidents.

In the words of Akshay, “It is very unfortunate that so our soldiers die. See I am not a real hero, I am real one. With my movies be it Baby, Gabbar is Back or Holiday, I try my level best to depict what happens in the lives of the families of our soldiers.”


The angry actor went on to say, “I don’t have a final solution to the problem. But the way they entered our country and murdered our soldiers, I will say ‘inhe ghuske maro’.”

Akshay’s upcoming movie “Airlift” is all set to release on 22nd January, which is based on India’s biggest evacuation from Kuwait in 1990, when nearly 1,70,000 Indians were airlifted after Iraq invaded Kuwait.

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