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xiaomi mi band

Xiaomi has just entered the market segment of wearable fitness devices and seems like they are killing

it. The MI band was launched in July 2014 but it was available for sale in India in June 2015.

The price of the device was kept fairly low as compared to the other wearable fitness devices in the

market at just Rs.999 only.

The marketing wing of Xiaomi cleverly started a campaign to promote the MI band by selling first 1000

units to the first 1000 units buyer at just Rs.1 only and the campaign created a lot of stir in the social

media as the 1000 units got sold within 7 seconds only. Earlier I thought it was just a bogus sale but after

our investigation we found that many people got MI band at just Rs.1 only.

Xiaomi Mi Band


So first things first- there are activity trackers and there are fitness trackers- the Mi Band is in the former

category. Unlike let’s say a Goqii or a Garmin that do much more than count your steps or map your

sleep, the Mi Band only tracks your daily activity and sleep pattern, but it does that quite well.

Mi Band is a pretty looking thing, and almost everyone whose opinion I have sought has agreed with

that. It is one of those bands that girls with petite wrists won’t mind sporting and with its various funkily

colored straps.

The Mi Band is as simple as a fitness tracker can get. There is no display on it. The sensors of the Mi

Band are housed in a polycarbonate body with an aluminum top with chamfered edges. The capsule-

shaped Mi Band measures just 14 x 36 x 9mm and weighs a mere 5 grams. There are two golden

coloured charging ports that protrude out from one of the ends.

In the front the band has three lights whose colours can be set as green, orange and red.

The silicon band has an average build quality and tends to accumulate dust which can be easily washed

off. But the band is non allergic and will not cause any harm to the wrist. It is adjustable so as to fit

multiple wrist sizes. You can use the Mi Band even when its raining outside, thanks to the IP67

certification , but do not have it on if you are swimming. Apart from the Band, the box bundles a

charging cable. There are no buttons on the Mi Band, as it is always on and syncs with the phone via


The Mi Band houses an accelerometer, a DA14580 low-energy Bluetooth 4.0 chip which is capable of

running for a couple of years using a 225mAh button cell and it has a 41mAh battery which can stay

active for 30 days before you need to recharge it. That’s not a lot of sensors, which is the reason, XiaomiIMG_20150624_135027

could be able to price the Mi Band so low.


I am using this fitness tracker since two weeks and the best thing I liked about the band is that

it is very comfortable to wear. It works as an activity tracker but we should note that sometimes it also

record some irrelevant data that is of no use. For eg. Waving hand or doing some bulky work then by

hand movements it will record it as a run. It is not 100% accurate but it will give you a whole idea

regarding your activity for rest of the day.  Its waterproof enough to be taken into your daily shower

and even in the pool for a swim (though I haven’t tried that, yet). But for me, the biggest advantage

remains that the Mi Band, unlike others, doesn’t need to be switched to a sleep mode before you are

turning the lights off at night. It tracks your sleeping activity automatically, without any settings, and it

does that well too. Mi Band, every morning, shall tell you your sleeping hours, and how many of those

did you spend in deep sleep. And though there is no sure shot way to track accuracy of the sleeping

patterns- the results do correspond with how fresh you are feeling when you wake up. Since it has no

display, the battery life on Mi Band is phenomenal. It had 58 per cent battery when I wore it, and more

than a week later, it is still at 45 per cent. Xiaomi claims a one month battery life, but I believe it can

easily be more, especially if you sync it only a couple of times a day and don’t use the band for unlocking

your phone. The lack of display though, does irk you after a few days. I’m used to wearing wrist watches

and the idea of having anything on my wrist that doesn’t at least tell me the time is alien to me.

Coming to additional features, the Mi Band can set alarms for you, vibrate on your wrist whenever there

is an incoming call, send out happy alerts when you have achieved your day’s targets and also unlock

your phone (the smart lock works only on Android 5.0 and above).

One area that Xiaomi hasn’t won me over with is the Mi Fit app. Although it scores on coverage since it

works with both iOS (7.0 and above) and Android (4.4 and above), the app’s user interface is not as

intuitive, and it is a little too cluttered for my liking. Also, the app takes a long time, and sometimes a

couple of attempts to sync with the band. However, it is nothing that can’t be solved with an upgrade or



1. Quite accurate in tracking steps and sleep pattern

2. Exceptional battery life

3. Water Resistant

4. Ultra affordable price

5. Light weight

6. Comfortable to wear


1. Lacks a display

2. Sometimes tracks unnecessary movements

So is the Mi Band worth a try? At that price, certainly. But is it likely to bring about a change in your

lifestyle and fitness? Other than making you want to walk more to achieve your target, maybe not. But

then, that’s start enough, isn’t it?

Tushar Luthra

By #TusharLuthra

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