Amazing Tech – Now Charge Your Mobile Wireless from Distance

Now Days of wire are gone. no Need to plug in you mobile in sockets or battery bank. Move your ass and charge your mobile, call anyone without tension of low battery. Lets See what we got in New Technology

All New Technology which is Named as WPT – Wireless Power Transfer. This Technology is Researched and Developed by Korea Advanced Institute of Science and Technology (KAIST). You can say its a kind of WIFI For Battery Charging.

Like WIFI zone where ever Power source is available your phone will start charging so you can charge your phone in any Location and in any Direction.

Professor Chun T. Rim Says it can charge your Phone from half a meter away from the power source in every Direction.

Power Electronics. Rim’s team has shown this technology at a lab on KAIST’s campus

Till Now Wireless charging is a problem as it can charge mobile just from a distance of 10cm and you have to place your mobile on it to get charged with a exact position.


RIM says their charging tech is safe for humans with no effect on human body and compatible with many other Electronic Devices. This thing is going to be Revolutionary


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