Angry Bird 2 is Here || Download Now

Fizzip: Angry Birds has been one of the most popular mobile games, and we’ve seen its several versions ever since it launched back in 2009. Now, it is back in the form of a sequel – Angry Birds 2. It is now available to download via Google Play store. It is a free app, but comes with in-app purchases.

The latest version brings several new characters and modes of game-play such as lasers and new in-flight moves. The game goes ‘bigger, badder, birdier’. The company had also released two teaser videos. You will also notice that some characters have undergone changes and the game adds in new strategies as well.

Earlier this year, Rovio had released Angry Birds Stella Pop! It was introduced as a bust-a-move type of a game with cues taken from the bubble shooter genre. It follows the match-three style of gameplay, just like the popular Candy Crush Saga. By the end of December 2014, Rovio had also launched a ‘soft’ iOS version in Canada. Those already playing the game can upgrade to Angry Birds Stella Pop 1.0.2 version.

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