Apple iPhone 6S is Here to Stay || Full Specs.

Tim cook indeed made this event very catchy by inviting the famous band one republic and featuring Selena Gomez in the Ad “ Starry” it is.

The event started at 10:30Pm IST and ended just few minutes ago i.e 12:39AM.

The event started with the apple smartwatch then apple iPad then apple TV then and it was the most awaited on which our eyes were gazing “ The iPhone”

Iphoen 6s Review

Tim cook started by saying that Apple iPhone 6 is the most popular iPhone ever and the most loved one.

He also showed some stats regarding growth of iPhone is 35% over a year and with 75% in China ( oops that’s why apple stock dip 6% i.e highest dip in years, poor Chinese economy can’t afford iPhones now). Tim cook seemed really happy by the customer satisfaction from the product and was indeed showing his happiness in that way.

The phone look 99% similar to the iPhone 6 series with no change in screen size or no change in thinness of phone.

Tim cook started explaining that phones look similar but what they have changed is everything in the phone.

Iphoen 6s Review

The variant will come in silver, gold, space grey and rose gold which is the latest addition to the colour segment. The phone is made up of entirely new custom alluminium and we hope that it will solve the bend gate issues of iPhone.

Now the phone features a new glass i.e ion X which Is the strongest glass in the industry, they moved from sapphire to this new glass.

The new thing which really tickles our nerves is the “3d touch feature” which seems like a tremendous breakthrough with new gestures called peek and pop.

Iphoen 6s Review
Iphoen 6s Review

The new 3D touch makes photos, emails, messages and other stuff pop up in the display with some bokeh effect in the background. The best thing which seems of this is that you take actions before even opening the app. For eg. Peeking in the instagram thumbnails without even being into app for whole time. This time the new feature indeed is a revolution to the OS.

Iphoen 6s Review

Now it’s A9 baby  which is the totally new transistor architecture chipset which is 70% faster than the A8 with 90% of the fastest graphic controls.

The official also gave a demo by playing a game on the phone showing how smooth phone runs even after the heavy weight games running without even a single lag.


Camera OMG it’s totally magnum opus and yes our prediction were right as the phone featured a 12Mp iSight camera.

This time the autofocus is more accurate.

Tim cook said ‘ as you add pixels you degrade the quality’.

The phone has 5mp facetime front camera and has borrowed a feature from snapchat called as “retina flash” in which screen lights up to the 3X brighter than the usual to be flash too.

Apple inc. showed some really excellent jawdropping shots that were shot from the iPhone 6 and trust me the DSLR seems to be a fad now.

Iphoen 6s Review

Apple played cleverly and introduced a friendly scheme to go from android to iOS by downloading an app from google play in which they can transfer the stuff to iPhone and also introduced a recycling scheme for android so that they can be dumped in the trash 9 ( tch tch tch FREAKING competition ).

The phone entry level starts at 16GB and we wonder whether so many features can be fitted in this petty 16Gb storage.

New Iphone 6s price


So here is the pricing on the two year contract system

iPhone 6S

16GB- $199                                                          


128GB- $399

iPhone 6plus


64GB- 399$                                                             

128GB- $499


Shockingly there was no mention of the “C” series, seems like the whole series is being pulled up due to lukewarm response and company strategy to focus on the luxury market only.

Till now NO dates are announced when the phone will be shipped to India and will be the price of the phones of the non contract system in India.

So just wait and watch now.




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