Apple Really Needs 4 inch Iphone

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The rumours regarding what will be offered in the iPhone 7 have already started to pour in. A few reports have mentioned that Apple will be looking at launching three devices this year, which would include a 4-inch model as well. If Apple is really considering a 4-inch variant for its 7 series then Apple will surely get back a lot of its users, who made the unwanted switch to Android.

That doesn’t mean the 4.7-inch or 5.5-inch iPhone 6 and 6 Plus variants have failed; they have been hits with Apple fan boys all across the globe. But somewhere down the line, Apple really needs to bring back the 4-inch form size back into fashion cuz the whole phablet rage has gone out of size proportions. No one could have predicted the upsurge for phones which are as big as 6-inch in stature.

While you might argue about the fact that world doesn’t need a 4-inch smartphone (or iPhone for that matter) anymore but that’s just the cream base of users we’re talking about. In markets like India, the preference and availability of an iPhone 4S still makes for an interesting buying option (even though its grossly priced) and hence the prospect of a new iPhone 7 sized around 4-inch might just attract more attention in the country.

One thing Apple has to make sure is they don’t end up compromising on the value factor of this smaller iPhone variant aka iPhone 5C which received mixed-match response for its so-called value factor that many presumed to stand for affordability (it wasn’t).

What can we expect out of the 4-inch iPhone 7 model? These might help in bringing things to clarity
– 4-inch 1136x640p or higher resolution display with iOS 8 and typical powered latest A9 or A10 CPU with inclusion of 1GB RAM.
– Comparable imaging prowess to the likes of iPhone 5S or Samsung Galaxy S5 for that matter
– Retain the usual Apple elements without flirting with the concept of glossy plastic which failed badly.
– Price it even, if not marginally lower than usual and that’s the perfect iPhone 7 triumvirate that gets consumers across all brackets drooling.

This isn’t the end of whether Apple will bring 4-inch back into the game or not but the fact that Apple is considering it as a secondary option could end up swelling their coffers in return.

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