Badass Advertisements Will Reinforce Your Faith In Good Copywriting In Today’s World

Have you ever come across an advertisement that takes your breath away?

Gone are the days when advertisements made sense and delivered an important message to the viewers. These days, it’s impossible to differentiate between a condom add and a fruit juice add, so much so, that the advertisements make little to no sense to the consumers and end up confusing them. However, some brands still have their thinking caps on and the creative juices flowing and have come up with some of the most innovative and clever billboard advertisements. Check out some of the wittiest advertisements that took innovation to a new level:


Levis jeans took advertising to a new level

The weather updates just got real

The economist installed a bulb in their billboard which glows when someone is below it

Heinz trying to sell their “hot ketchup”

Koleston naturals showcasing it’s range of hair colours

An advertisement to promote environmental conservation

This is probably the most realistic portrayal of yoga classes

WMF Knives’ Advertisement

Humanity and Nature are one-poster is a part of a public service announcement

WeightWatchers urging us to lose weight


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