Batman, Spider-Man, and Wolverine Team Up!

A Never Before Seen DC/Marvel Crossover Video!

Hello fans of DC, Marvel, and Superheroes! Today, the fusion between Marvel and DC has certainly elevated. Perhaps because we are beginning to finally get what we have always desired out of the Marvel and DC Cinematic Universe. Therefore, over the past few years, battles, trailers, and montages, all fan-made, make a frequent appearance on social media. Of course, these impressive videos are truly visionary and are just plain out awesome.

However, a new one rises featuring a few of our greatest heroes in a creative DC/Marvel Crossover on my YouTube Channel! It’s never been done before! The Marvel and DC Cinematic Universes incredibly collide as Batman, Spider-Man, and Wolverine team up, fighting in an epic battle on a train!

Three scenes (specifically the train fight scenes) from Batman Begins (2005), Spider-Man 2 (2004), and The Wolverine (2013) were combined to create an exciting and exhilarating sequence of good v.s. evil! Not only were these films superb, to most people’s opinions, but seeing them clash together may be enjoyable for some people. This could never actually happen, but it was made completely for fun! It is not meant to be entirely realistic or entirely sensible. Like I said before, this would never happen. I am a very young editor and not on a totally professional level or equivalent to Hollywood editors. So I put this together the best I possibly could!

This is something all of us have wanted to see on the big screen by now! I think all comic book fans will possess a pretty cool experience in watching this. If you can, please share, comment, and most importantly, ENJOY!



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