We Bet You Didn’t Spot This ‘ERROR’ In Sultan’s Teaser! Want To Check What You Missed?

Everyone has just gone crazy over the new teaser of ‘Sultan’, that was released just a day before. Playing Haryanvi Sher, Salman has definitely proved his body building skills as well as acting skills with the movie.

Obviously, for all you fans, the teaser is more than enough for getting impatient for this movie release. People are so amazed by this teaser that no one could spot this small error in this teaser. However, there was someone intelligent who managed to do this.

No there isn’t any issue with the movie or the look or body of Salman Khan. There is just a very small grammar error. At the star’s entry sequel, it reads, “Wrestling is not a sport. Its about fighting what lies within.”

Actually, this is grammatically incorrect and instead of “Its”, it must be “It’s”. We are sure that it takes a genius for spotting this error. As soon as the this error was tweeted by the fan, everyone is watching the teaser again and noticing it.

View the tweet!


So, we are sure you are going to view the teaser again! Have a look at it here itself!

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