Brilliant Innovations By IIT Students That Prove India Is A Pool Of Talent

From a scooter that charges faster than your phone to a technology that makes walking on water possible, the young minds at IIT have come up with some brilliant ideas that will convince you that our country is one powerhouse of talent! Take a look at 10 mind-blowing ideas that were a result of their hard work and patience.

1. E-scooter


IIT-Madras students slogged in their dorms to build an e-scooter, the battery of which charges faster than a phone. S340 is one of the first smart e-scooters, and its battery charges within an hour. It can easily go on for 50,000 kilometres with its battery pack.

2. Drones


We wonder if the IIN ad was inspired from the IIT Bombay students who invented NETRA. NETRA is an autonomous hovering Unmanned Aerial Vehicle (UAV), a drone that helps the Indian army with rescue operations during natural calamities.

3. Walking on water ride

How can someone walk on water? It’s impossible, right? Well, Mirik Gogri and Ayush Jain, two IIT-Bombay alumni have made the impossible possible. The duo formed Humming Whale Product Innovations, a company that innovates path-breaking products and solutions. The team came up with a fun idea of walking on water, which they later gamified into a ride. They are now all set to introduce the product at various gaming zones, amusement parks, events and parties.

4. Re-writable T-shirts


The same duo behind Humming Whale came up with a kickass idea of re-writable t-shirts. This is a unique t-shirt on which you can write and erase. The t-shirt was a hit on online shopping websites and was worn by a movie cast that appeared on popular TV show Bigg Boss.

5. Alcohol Sensing Helmet


IIT-BHU students made an innovative alcohol sensing helmet that won’t let you start a bike if you’re drunk. The Advanced Breathanalyser Helmet, that uses the bluetooth encryption technology, was among the top 5 short-listed projects at the Ericsson Innovation Awards held at IIT Delhi.

6. Earphones Untangler


Don’t you just hate it when your headphones get tangled? Some bright minds at IIT-Kharagpur came up with a solid solution that would end our first world problems. Witworks Rewind is a lightweight compact cord organiser that doesn’t let your earphones tangle, therefore making it long-lasting. Priced at an affordable Rs. 199, the gadget is now available online.

7. A dual pin stapler


The third-year mechanical engineering students at IIT-Gandhinagar came up with the brilliant idea of the dual pin stapler. Suyash Patkar, Saurabh Garg and Spandan Das made a single stapler machine that dispenses both large and small pins, so that you don’t have to buy two separately. Now, how thoughtful is that?

8. Hemometer


IIT-Delhi boy Ambar Srivastava developed a mobile phone-size haemoglobin metre, a device that helps in accurate hemoglobin estimation. TrueHb Hemometer is a chargeable device that carries up to 300 tests per charge and stores up to 1000 readings.

9. Guardian


Guardian is the brainchild of IIT-Delhi students. It is a device that can be used as a communication system to alert your loved ones to a distress situation. After the horrific Delhi gang rape, a device like Guardian is the need of the hour. It is a smartphone app that is paired with a prototype jewellery piece, and gets activated when a push button on the jewellery piece is tapped twice. It uses multiple cellular phone towers to transmit data and triangulate a victim’s position, thus serving as a lifesaving whistleblower.

10. 3D display and user interface

three d

IIT-Kanpur students created a project that creates a 3D image on a computer or mobile screen with the help of a web camera or a front camera. So in case you want to see a three-dimensional (3D) model of a product that you wanted to buy online, this project makes it possible!

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