British People Want Obama To Move To The UK And Become Prime Minister

Over the last 24 to 48 hours, everyone has apparently become an expert in global politics. Social media, a place known for a lot of things but not genuine political decisions, has been the go-to for these people.

With Barack Obama set to leave The White House in January, which was always going to happen regardless of the outcome of the US Election, a smattering of British people have called from him to move to the UK and take up the position of Prime Minister.

The idea of the former president sitting in 10 Downing Street is possible but not exactly plausible, however, it is proving quite popular. Many think he’s a better fit than Theresa May, which he probably is.



I mean, it’s not entirely ridiculous. But the way to make it happen is not to ask America if they’ll hand Obama around like he’s a political gigolo. It’s not how it works.

Plus, he probably wants to kick his heels up and relax for a bit. Did you not see what the presidency did to his hair? He’s aged about 20 years, poor guy.


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