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Heartfelt Quotes By Celebrities About Love, Heartbreaks & Relationships

Our celebrities are no different, when it comes to matter of love. They go through the same gamut of emotions, the same butterflies in the stomach, the same heartaches, just like any one of us. They have cheated, been cheated on, they have hurt and been hurt, they have loved

Celebrity Snapchat usernames – who to follow and where to find them

Yes, you might follow your favourite celebs on Twitter and "like" their official Facebook page, but that's all old hat now. Get with the times, people, as Kim K recently proved, the new place to get the best insight into the lives of those you admire and idolise is Snapchat. The


Mexico's "sexiest weather girl" Yanet Garcia has landed in New York City for Comic-Con—and she's wearing a Batgirl costume that would surely make Batman's head explode. Check it out here:     But that's not all this fetching forecaster has been up to. She's also been keeping her impressive figure TV-ready by sweating it out

This Quora Answer On ‘Things Muslims Can Do In India But Not In Other Nations’ Is Unmissable

India is a beautiful country. Here the dialect changes every 200 meters you travel, we are culturally very rich and though it is populous, it only makes people’s hearts warmer and welcoming here. India has had her fair share of fights, quarrels, and exploitation. But it has come across everything because

She Thought Her Boyfriend Was Going To Give Her A Romantic Surprise. But He Had Other Plans!

Who doesn't like surprises? Even the biggest of arguments can be solved by giving your partner a romantic surprise. But, this guy, ChrisWise, planned a surprise which would make Narendra Modi proud (not really a good idea of romance, though). His girlfriend? Not so much. Let's follow his build-up for the ultimate

Badass Advertisements Will Reinforce Your Faith In Good Copywriting In Today’s World

Have you ever come across an advertisement that takes your breath away? Gone are the days when advertisements made sense and delivered an important message to the viewers. These days, it's impossible to differentiate between a condom add and a fruit juice add, so much so, that the advertisements make little

Brutally Honest Posters By This Artist Speak Volumes About The Horrific Reality Of These Cities

Monk HF, a Belgian artist came across a poster by Franz Kraus called Visit Palestine from 1936 which inspired him to make a series of posters showing the real side to these nine famous cities of the world. As exotic as these cities look on travel brochures and websites, their actual

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