Caught here a video,finally on Indian Father’s reaction

Matherhood is great because you can ruin something from scratch.

Yeah right,you heard it right but the condition is that ‘thing should be of your mother.’ In this video they guys did incredible job of father and mother.

There are 4 guys those are playing roll of

1.Father (Head of the family  but actually he is not) 😉

2.Mother (Homemaker but actually she is the BOSS) 😛

3.Brother (Ugghh,really irritating one ) :/

4.son (Mumma’s boy ) :*

so you will find an Indian Father’s reaction when his son break down his mobile phone and such a irritating brother who encouages his dad to kill his brother for his and Son who imagines his punishment for his mistake and last but not least a bossy mom who Talks Too Less and  has a really bad temper,even his father got scared 😛

So Check Out Here,How They Guys Make You ROFL 😛 😉

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