Celebs who seems like they’re enjoying Cosplay just as much as Rest of us

Dressing up as any person, character, or thing you want is probably one of the most fun you can have as a kid (or even as a grown up).

Celebrities, like us, also understand the joy and entertainment that comes with donning a costume and possibly even picking up another persona, which is why many celebs enjoy cosplay just as much as the regular person.

Below is a list of our favorite stars who know how to pull off some incredibly creative cosplay outfits.

1. Chris Hardwick as Marty McFly

Dont worry; his DeLorean is parked in the back.

2. Olivia Munn as Slave Leia

I know many who’d want to be the Jabba to her Slave Leia.

3. Patton Oswalt as Doctor Octopus

Spider-Girl can totally take him.

4. Dwayne Johnson as The Hulk

I think we are all green with envy about those super defined muscles.

5. Dean Norris as Xena: Warrior Princess

Almost as good as the real thing.

6. Madonna as Daenerys Targaryen

From Pop star to Mother of Dragons, Madonna is working that white-blonde hair!

7. Seth Green as The Joker

He’s not joking around.

8. Katy Perry as Jane and Shannon Woodward as Daria

These ladies are too damn smart and sarcastic for their own good.

9. Aaron Paul and Bryan Cranston as Los Pollos Hermanos

Bet you’re hungry for some chicken (not meth) right about now!

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