Rumores Changes To Main Guardians Of Galaxy Team In Sequel

Potential spoilers ahead for Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2.

According to a new report at, the team lineup in Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2will grow by three members.

None of the three are shocking additions to the cast at this point, although having them on board the Milano, if true, should make for some interesting moments.

When Marvel Studios first announced they were making a Guardians of the Galaxy film, even some long-time comic fans were scratching their heads. A rag-tag group of cosmic misfits bouncing around the galaxy looking for big scores while sometimes saving the universe in the process? It seemed like a huge stretch. But the irreverent action-comedy was a smashing success for Marvel, and even topped the excellent Captain America: The Winter Soldier in the box office charts for 2014.

So, it really wasn’t a shock when Marvel announced that Star-Lord and his crew would be back for another go in Vol. 2. Earlier this week, we dropped a literal planet-sized news bomb on which all-new, crazy character appearing in the film, and now has learned just who will be strapping in when the Milano blasts off into space once again.

As usual, spoilers are below, but this dancing Groot and knife-polishing Batista below can distract you so you can decide if you want to read on:

Dancing groot bu tech noir

Have some dancing Groot (by TechNoir) before you accidentally read any spoilers!

Star-Lord (Chris Pratt) will once again be returning with his core crew of Drax (Dave Bautista), Gamora (Zoe Saldana), Rocket (Bradley Cooper) and yes, Groot (Vin Diesel). That’s not all, though: according to a source close with the production, Peter Quill will be signing some new members onto the roster; he’ll be joined by Yondu, bad girl Nebula, and newcomer Mantis.

Imagine that intergalactic police lineup.

It’ll be great to see Yondu (Michael Rooker) and Star-Lord back on screen together. Their dynamic in the first film was one of many stellar subplots in Guardians. The way the two reconciled near the end could have easily closed the chapter on that story, but it seems director James Gunn has more in store for the Centurion smuggler. Hopefully a giant red-finned mohawk is also part of that plan.

The thing with Yondu is he doesn’t have much of a history in the main continuity of the comics. While he has a rich back story in the parallel Earth-691, when he was written into mainstream 616, it pretty much mirrors what Gunn set up in the Guardians film. So, it means there’s a lot to play with for the character.

Mantis, who is currently heavily rumored to be played by Pom Klementieff (Old Boy), is the only new cast member to join the team. In the comic-verse, Mantis has quite the backstory, which ties into the Celestials, Kree cults, and the Guardians themselves. Mantis has a great powerset to choose from, though. Aside from exceptional martial arts skills, she’s both a telepath and empath, and has the ability to control plants and vegetation. In the comics she even accelerated Groot’s growth after his body regenerated from a twig, which is a pretty helpful power given how we last saw the little sapling.

Mantis and Yondu - Guardians of the Galaxy # 16

She even has some great moments with Yondu in more recent comics. The two share a friendly rivalry, and a tender friendship. While Peter may be off doing Star-Lord things and not around Yondu as much as movie fans would like to see, this potential (non-romantic) pairing could add some fun verbal sparring between the two.

Now, the biggest what-the-heck addition here is Gamora’s sister Nebula. We saw her escape from certain death when she landed on a Ravager ship during the battle on Xandar, but what could bring the cybernetically enhanced assassin to the Milano’s doorstep? She must want something from the group.

Nebula hasn’t spent much (good) time with the Guardians in the comics. She once teamed up with Gamora and joined her all-lady warrior group, “The Graces,” to take down Ronan during theAnnihilation crossover event. It didn’t play out at all like the films, though Nebula did take a beating. She’s only recently resurfaced in the comics; she attacked the Guardians while leading an army of Chitauri in a two-part team-up series last year.

It really looks like the new Guardians film is going to see more focus put on the rest of the team. Gunn has said that he plans to keep the cast at a set limit because he wants to get to know the characters we have better instead of “turn them into a quip piece.”  Outside of when the Avengers come together in their team-up movies, Guardians of the Galaxy is Marvel’s first big foray into developing an ensemble film from the ground up.

2017 is going to be a good year for Marvel fans. Thor: Ragnarok comes out November 3, the unnamed Spider-Man film just got pushed up to July 7, and Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2 will get things rolling on May 5.

Check back with soon for some more juicy exclusive Marvel news. If you haven’t been following lately, catch up on which crazy character will feature in Guardians of the Galaxy 2, how Spider-Man will enter the Marvel Cinematic Universe, when and how Odin willreappear in Thor: Ragnarok after his mysterious absence in The Dark World, and who the main villain of Ragnarok will be, and what she’s going to destroy.

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