Countries With The Most Beautiful Women

These Women are super tempting!

1) Italy

Some of the most classy women reside in this wonderful land! With women as beautiful and varied in ‘flavour’ as their famous Pizzas and Pastas, you’ll never go hungry in Italy! Pun intended.



2) Russia

The perfect blend of Eastern as well as Western features, Russian beauties can sweep you off your feet with just a toss of their blonde locks!


3) Argentina

As if their football wasn’t reason enough to love them, Argentinian ladies will surely have you fall deeper in love with their country!



4) Ukraine

The beauty of Ukranian women is talked about all over the world! With features similar to their Russian sisters, these are some of the most beautiful women ever!



5) Brazil

Beware, because the Brazilian curves are some of the most dangerous ones known to mankind. Their unique complexion and sport-loving nature will leave you absolutely enchanted!



6) South Korea

These super-cute ladies will have leave your heart racing for sure! Their long, silky black hair and unbelievably smooth skin will leave you in awe.



7) India

Regarded as some of the most beautiful women on the planet, how could we have missed out on our evergreen ‘Desi Girls?’



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