DC’s Newest Show Is Already In Danger

I am a fan of both Marvel and DC, but I’ll admit that when it comes to movies, I’m more excited for Marvel’s films than I am DC’s. But if we’re talking about TV, there’s no doubt about it, DC wins hands down!

With dynamite shows like Gotham, Arrow, The Flash and Supergirl, it’s not hard to see why I love DC’s venture into television so much! DC has done an incredible job building their TV universe. There were some slip-ups on the way, the cancellation of Constantine; the rushed feeling of Gotham; Arrow season 3…

But all in all, the DCTVU has been epic! And next year, it’s only going to get better with the addition of DC’s Legends of Tomorrow!

Legends of Tomorrow is a superhero team up show featuring characters from Arrow and The Flash, DC’s most popular shows! The show is about a team of heroes and villains traveling through time so that they can stop an evil immortal dictator named Vandal Savage.

The show is set to premier on The CW on January 21, 2016. As you might expect from a show featuring more than six superheroes, Legends of Tomorrow is going to require a rather large budget to keep going.

Season 1 alone is going to cost a ton of money to make, and any subsequent seasons might cost even more depending on how insane the story gets. Keep in mind that the story is already about a group of heroes taking on an immortal dictator in the future—it’s already pretty insane to being with! Which is exactly why Legends of Tomorrow, despite not coming out for another two months, is already in huge risk of cancellation…

Yes, I’m afraid that you read that correctly- Legends of Tomorrow could be in danger of getting cancelled well before the first season even comes out. Reportedly, Legends of Tomorrow’s first season was more expensive to make than The CW had anticipated, and the network may be considering halting production on any future seasons.

This means that Legends of Tomorrow could only have one season! Now, I haven’t seen the show yet, since my time machine won’t work, but if it’s anything like The Flash and Arrow, I do NOT want this show to die so early!

Legends of Tomorrow is DC’s first attempt to bring a superhero team to the small screen. And while that team may not exactly be the Justice League, the Legends of Tomorrow still deserve to be on TV for a long time!

But is there even a way to save this show now that it’s been put on the chopping block? Yes, I believe there is a way- three ways, to be exact! So before you go firing the cancellation cannon The CW, here are 3 potential ways Legends of Tomorrow can be saved from death (like every Arrow/Flash character ever)!

1. Lower The Budget Just A Little

The solution that most people probably thought about is lowering the budget. The main reason LoT might not get a second season is because the show is just too expensive. It requires a large budget.

Because of this, lowering that cost would effectively make it easier to pay for, right? Well, you would think. Sure, lowering the budget of the show might help, but budget cuts means less special effects. And trust me, this show needs its effects.

Just think about how much money it costs to make the special effects for The Flash, now multiply those effects by ten! We’ve got a living ball of fire, a man who can fly and change size, a man with a freeze ray, a man with a heat ray, a girl who knows martial arts and TWO winged warriors! Lowering the budget just means that the show will look less convincing, and we won’t get what we’ve come to expect from DC. So while lowering the cost of the show isn’t impossible, it’s unlikely.

2. Change To A Budget-Friendly Roster Next Season

Legends of Tomorrow’s roster is extremely costly. As I mentioned earlier, almost every member of the team requires a ton of special effects. But what if next season, the roster wasn’t so expensive?

There have been rumors that the LoT team would change every season, and that John Constantine would be joining season two’s roster. John Constantine is a detective who deals in everything supernatural. After the cancellation ofConstantine, the character made an appearance on a special episode of Arrow.

Constantine isn’t exactly special effects free, but he certainly doesn’t require as much as the other heroes in Legends of Tomorrow. Should the rumors of his appearance in season 2 of the show be true, it may be smart of The CW to include other budget-friendly heroes in the mix alongside Constantine. Heroes like Katana, Vixen, and Mister Terrific. It would keep the show going, lower the cost on special effects, and it would make it so that the superhero cast is still AWESOME!

3. Have TV Specials Instead

Maybe Legends of Tomorrow doesn’t even need seasons, not in the traditional sense anyhow. Maybe instead of having a new season every year with multiple episodes, DC could just give us specials. It’d be sort of like TV movies, or episodes of Sherlock.

Like Sherlock episodes, the episode count would be short, but each one could be roughly 45 minutes long. We’d get around 3 or 4 of these a year, or less if needed. I know that sounds terrible, but think about it. We’ve got a ton of stuff to occupy our time while we wait. There’s Arrow and The Flash, and all of DC’s other shows to start!

Instead of being just another show, Legends of Tomorrow could be this awesome spectacle that we wait for every year! It would ultimately cost less than making a ton of episodes for a full season. I’m not saying the wait will be easy- I’m still clawing at the walls waiting for a new Sherlock- but at least we’ll know for sure that it’s coming!

So there you have it, 3 ways that The CW could potentially save Legends of Tomorrow! Personally, I think the third option is the way to go. Having LoT as a series of yearly specials, rather than treating it like a traditional television show, would save a ton of money.

After all, the level of effects this show needs in probably every episode is a lot even by MOVIE making standards! But no matter what happens, I hope that The CW does everything they can to keep this show alive!

You can catch the premiere of Legend of Tomorrow’s first (and hopefully not last) season on January 21, 2016!

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