Deadpool Totally Disrespects ‘Batman V Superman’

Let me start by saying…. ha ha ha ha ha ha ha. I am one that is cautiously optimistic about the Deadpool movie. I really want this movie to be good and I really hope they can present his comedy in a way that fans will enjoy, and I hope it does not seem too over the top.

But I have no mixed feelings on the marketing for Deadpool; it has been nothing less than brilliant. Fox studios have capitalized off of Deadpool’s nature to communicate with the reader (and now the viewer) through breaking the 4th wall in such a marvelous way that it is hard to believe most people are not at least interested in the movie. With that said; if this is real, which it could not be, the marketing machine for the Deadpool movie has done it once again. And this time they involved another big comic book movie that is coming out in 2016.

Deadpool vandalizing Batman v Superman

Source Cosmic Booknews

This is so something that the Deadpool we love from the comics would do! And I literally laughed out loud when I saw this as I am sure most of you did.

Rad Dude

Let’s just assume that this is real. How awesome is it that Warner Bros and Fox teamed up to give fans and movie goers this. Especially Warner Bros; I mean what Deadpool did to Batman and Superman is disturbing in many ways. And of course Deadpool would be in love with Wonder Woman; Deadpool is a lady’s man. With that said clearly Warner Bros is ramping up their marketing for Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice.

Dawn of the Justice League

They are definitely thinking outside the box with their marketing strategy and it doesn’t get more out of the box than allowing Deadpool to literally have his way with the Holy Trinity of Comics. Check out the trailer for Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice!

The Trinity

But those are my thoughts. What do you think? Is Deadpool vandalizing the Trinity poster real? And if so do you find it funny? Or distasteful? Please share your thoughts below.

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