Deadpool’s Masterful Marketing Campaign Continues With Some Hilarious New Billboards

You may have heard about this little movie starring the greatest red-suited Marvel hero of all time. No, it isn’t Spider-Man, it starts with a “D.” No, it isn’t Daredevil either.The Merc with a Mouth, a.k.a. Deadpool, is coming back to the big screen in all of his red-suited, wise-cracking glory for what is the most highly anticipated movie of 2016 and quite possibly the entire century (eat your heart out Star Wars).

Even though fans still have quite a wait until Wade Wilson makes his triumphant return, they certainly haven’t been starved for their daily dose of Deadpool-y goodness. The marketing around the upcoming film has been nothing short of phenomenal, deserving of a glowing five out of five chimichangas.

The trailers and promos for the film have all been tongue in cheek and absolutely hilarious, playing off of different trends and tropes to create unique, and potentially relationship ruining, tastes of what’s to come.

Seriously, if the ads are this good, just imagine what awaits fans in the theaters.


See, emojis aren’t just for the youths! For those who aren’t fluent in modern hieroglyphics this roughly translates to Skull-Poop-L, but could also be read as Deadpool.

Apparently fans aren’t the only ones enjoying the new ads. Ryan Reynolds, a.k.a. the real-life Deadpool, has been sharing a lot of the new promos on his Instagram with his own entreating takes on each one. It’s no secret that Reynolds is probably the world’s biggest Deadpool fan and he’s been looking forward to this movie for quite a while, so if he’s this excited it’s probably a safe bet that the film will be well worth the wait.

A Truly Epic Romance

Fox’s marketing team has been using the film’s Valentines Day weekend release date as a way to put a bit of a softer spin onDeadpool with the tagline, “True love never dies,” to the amusement of fans of the character everywhere.

If you didn’t figure it out already, Deadpool is set to hit theaters Feb. 12, 2016, and you might want to leave the kids with Grandma for this one, because the movie is going to be taking full advantage of its R-rating.

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