Demystifying Jaat Reservation

There is an old saying “Give a man a fish, and you feed him for a day. Teach a man to fish, and you feed him for a lifetime

For Jaats Reservation one more phrase could be added, “Give an illusion of free fish for generations, and you can destroy the pond, the fish and the man

Let’s do math first.

Giving Jaat Reservation in OBC category almost nullifies OBC quota in Haryana.

Effectively they will end up making OBC reservation 0% in haryana.

Assume there are 3 institutes of higher education with 100 seats each, A, B and C. A is better than B and B is better than C.    

For simplicity we will take SC/ST quota at 23% and OBC at 27%.

Now, without Jaats in OBC category let’s assume they get 5 seats from General Category in each institute.

When cut-offs are


admitted students

 SC-STOBCJaatsGeneral Other Than Jaats


After reservations of Jaats in OBC,  5 Jaats who were earlier qualifying for General Seat in B will prefer OBC seat in A. Similarly, 5 from C will take OBC seat in B and so on. They can’t take General Seat as they don’t have enough marks or earlier they would have qualified for general seat.


 SC-STOBCJaatsGeneral Other Than Jaats
C2322 ….50


So, General Seats in A will remain same. After A, General Category will have full 50 seats without Jaats claiming those.

Someone could argue that what if cut-offs are different. In all the scenarios, either same number of seats in first few institutes or full 50 will be available for General Category.

Someone could also argue that this is not applicable for Jobs. This is applicable. Think about it by separating A, B and C as 3 job profiles with A as most preferable and so on. The cut-offs can be assumed as capability/suitability for job.

So any addition in OBC category, will benefit General Category. It will raise OBC cut-offs too almost to the point where it is equal to General Category Cut-offs, thereby making OBC reservation 0% in Haryana (for simplicity I have not taken that into account in above example). It’s a simple case of adding more castes in reserved category to increase competition and nullify reservation benefit.

Now why more castes wants themselves to be included in backward class ( downward caste mobility). Everyone from Jaats, Pattidars to Gujjars are feeling the pain that Congress inflicted 10 years back. When Bhupendra Singh Hooda, Randeep Surjewala stands for Jaats today, it is their own party that is responsible for this agitation.

The political game that was played by Congress.

Can you recall the name Arjun Singh. Late Arjun Singh was Union Minister of Human Resource Development from 2004 to 2009 under Manmohan Singh.

He implemented Mandal Commission report of 1979 in 2006 that said OBC should be given 27% reservation. So as to make total reservation 49.5% (which is maximum allowed by Supreme Court).

Now, someone could argue if Mandal Commission gave the recommendation, it must be on some basis. Yes it was, on absurd basis. According to Mandal Commission of 1979, the number of OBCs in country is

OBC = All Hindus – SC – ST – Hindus that declared themselves as upper castes

from 1931 census. They came at 52% figure for OBCs.

It’s not a typo. They took figure from 1931 census and did above calculation in 1979 to implement in 2006.

An analogy of above – Mandal Commission For Counting Blue Fish (OBCs) in Pacific Ocean.

Report: We found 100 Red & 100 Black fish 100 years back. And since we know total fish count is 5000 by growth metrics. 4800 fishes are blue fish.

National Sample Survey says OBCs are 60% of what Mandal Commission quoted.

LR Naik, only Dalit member in Mandal Commission refused to sign the mandal commission recommendation of giving blanket OBC reservation to all OBCs it found by magical number. According to him, rich OBCs are more powerful than Depressed backward classes and Most backward classes. They will take the benefits which is true now.

Why Congress did that?

They have won the elections and wanted to consolidate OBC vote bank to win elections in future.

Next time if Randeep Surjewala, Bhupender Singh Hooda or any Congress leader says XYZ community is facing injustice. Tell them, the XYZ is facing injustice because of your wrong doing in 2006.

Now do Jaats deserve reservation?

Not at all. If any Congress, Indian National Lokdal leader says they do, ask them to name one community in Haryana that is superior to them. Even Mandal Commission says, OBCs are those classes

* where average value of assets is at least 25% below state average

* where number of households with consumption loans is 25% higher than state average

On the contrary, Jaats have more assets than state average. They have given out more loans and I don’t think Jaats have consumption loan.

Do I support Jaat reservation?

Yes I support Jaat reservation under OBC. Because it will effectively nullify OBC reservation in Haryana.

Is BJP doing right thing?

No. Not at all. BJP offered Jaats separate reservation in general category’s economic backward class by increasing EBC quota from current 10% to 20%. They also offered to increase income limit from current 2.5 Lakhs to 6 Lakhs to accommodate Jaats as 2.5 lakhs is mere pennies for them.

They did this to keep their OBC vote intact in upcoming UP elections.

Jaats rejected BJPs offer.

Is Congress or INALO doing right thing?

Hell no. They are pushing Jaats to die in name of reservation. They are pushing Jaats to kill and burn in name of reservations. In disguise of reservation demands, they are killing their political rivals one by one in broad day light.

Why even after accepting demands, Jaats will not leave National Highways. Because, people of Haryana still have a non-jaat non-congress non-INALO Chief Minister.

Is Violence right?

No. Not at all. BJP should ask military to tackle this situation.

Why BJP can’t give free hand to military?

As soon as military is given free hand, our liberal media will label Haryana as second Gujarat for Narendra Modi.

Now in next few days military might take aggressive action, do look out for big journalists claiming it as second Gujarat. If you personally meet them, ask them what should be done when under disguise of protest, a father of two who owns a Tea and Snacks shop is shot dead in broad daylight in middle of main street. This is exactly what happened today in the town of Haryana where I live.

Why BJP is delaying action?


To save their vote banks – OBC, Jaat, Punjabis. BJP wants to portray itself as party of all. Can you recall this scene from Nayak!

Who is to blame for Haryana burning right now?

  1. Congress
  2. BJP
  3. Media
  4. Jaats

A lot can be written about role Congress, BJP and media is playing. The issue of reservation in totality can also be debated. For now, I will end here.


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