Donate Sperms and get an FREE iPhone 6s in China

A love for brand sometimes go too far and people start doing anything to get that brand. iPhone is the most loved phone in the world I agree. It’s a phone which pulls up your standards in front of crowd even if you don’t have enough balance in your phone.

People sometimes get smitten by it so much that they are also willing to sell up their organs to buy them.

The selling of kidneys to fund the love for apple products is a growing trend in the country where annually 10-15 people donate their organs to buy the Apple product.

A year ago It emerged that a 17 year old Chinese boy sold his kidney to buy an iPhone and iPad and later became disabled as a result of surgery.

With the growing trend of IVF techniques for child birth the demand of sperm donors are rising day by day. In Britain national sperm bank in Birmingham only 9 donors registered to donate sperms after opening it’s door in a year.

Chinese sperm banks are luring men by iPhone to call the potential donors to their footsteps. Renji hospital in Shanghai posted an appeal on Wechat that is china’s most common messaging app that ‘’ You don’t need to give up a kidney to raise cash to buy an iphone 6S as you can get enough money by donating sperm.’’

But there are some requirements to earn cash that they should be in their early 20s to mid 40s, have a degree, at least 5.4 ft. tall , having no genetic diseases and willing to contribute at least 17ml of sperm over 6 months period.

Although the sperm bank advertising doesn’t offer a new iPhone 6S in return of donations, it just highlights how donating can help them to raise enough cash for the new version of Apple iPhone 6S.

We think Indians would be too excited for this scheme to be launched in India as their most of the next generations are flowing in the drain so it’s better to invest somewhere and get high returns on it.

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