Download Deadpool 2016 Movie HD | Torrent

Download Deadpool 2016 Movie HD | Torrent

Deadpool 2016 NEW HD-TELESYNC V2 x264-CPG (Size: 1.42 GB)

Found brand new source of this movie but it was filmed in bad angle, dark but Full movie nothing noticeable was missing,
first i try to fix the new portuguese source but dark scenes are unbearable so i decided to merge Russian and Portuguese source to get One full rip of this awesome movie.

cut both sources in multiple parts and rejoined them as well as keeping the audio in sync throughout plus added after credit scene. replace all day scenes with new portuguese source and replace all dark scenes with russian because russian source have better dark scenes. add black bars to russian source to keep aspect ration intact. i can say everything in order finally, took my lot of time almost entire day. i only did this second time because first source had few mins missing well this one looks full movie.
both sources had few movements but they are not bad to hurt movie experince, fixed perspective a bit but did not touch much trust me we don’t wanna lose more picture. did bright, rgb, clean a bit noise and put some sharp back.

Deadpool 2016 NEW HD-TELESYNC V2 x264-CPG.mkv1.4 GB
sample.mkv15.26 MB
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