Driving New Audi Q7 From Germany To India 17,000 Kms #greatquattrodrive

What makes a journey truly epic? What is it that really puts man and machine to the test? Is it driving long distances? Is it battling a myriad of road conditions en route? Is it dealing with massive variations in temperature? Or is it the changing scape of culture, attire and food with each passing day? The answer is, all of the above. Perhaps why the 17,000kms drive of discovery we’re on is as epic as it gets. Starting from Audi global headquarters in Ingolstadt, Germany, our team will be driving through scenic Europe, into the frigid expanses of Russia and onwards to the deserts of Mongolia, through the provinces of China, cutting across the testing terrain of Myanmar before finally entering home, India. Little reason you’ll read the word ‘epic’ so often. The drive will be done in brand new Audi Q7 making this the very first time a journey of this scale is being attempted in cars even before their launch. This is quite simply the ultimate road test. One team of intrepid adventurers. The new Audi Q7. Ingolstadt to India. Welcome to the #greatquattrodrive.


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