Effective Ways to Grow Your Beard Properly

No man has ever won a manliness contest without rocking a beard. All the legendary men have had one – From Abraham Lincoln, Chuck Norris, all the way to Santa, have thick beards. This tells you that beards equals historic power.

A beard has become emblematic of the final ingredient to achieve total manliness. Of course, beards vary in shapes, sizes, and thickness. Regardless, when a man starts seeing those facial hairs blossoming, he knows he’s entered a new chapter in his life. This is why many men come to ask for advice on how to make your beard grow faster, as no one enjoys the itchy, fuzzy growing in phase.

So, if you are looking to get into the beard scene, Male Standard has a few tips to share to help you look and feel like a pro in no time!


1. Give your beard the tools to grow


Nothing can grow out of nowhere. A beard, like almost anything, needs the right nutrients and conditions for it to be able to prosper. Diets high in protein will accelerate the beard-growing rate for sure. As well as maintaining a stable and clear mental health, as beards tend to stay shy when you’re under stress.

2. Commit, commit, commit


Accept your genetics for what they are. By that, we mean don’t compare your beard to the beard of your friend or ads – that would just discourage you. If you have very little facial hair, eventually you will see some of it start to grow. When tempted to shave it all off, remember that it will take time and that you are taking active steps in the right downward direction.

3. Work with the facial hair you have


Just because you can’t make a bird’s nest with your beard doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy the growth you have. Embrace each new growth phase as a time to test out new styles, and enjoy growing from stubble into substantial growth. Keeping the beard trim is also a great technique for creating the appearance of thicker, fuller hair. Long, straggly hair is not going to look good on anyone.

4. Treat yourself


Even when your beard is still in its infancy, you still deserve a quality facial groomer to make sure your beard is on the right track. A facial groomer (or your barber) could style and keep in the shape the hair you already have. This will promote growth, because the less it’s being taken care of, the more the beard has to work overtime to repair itself. So don’t be scared to trim things back or into shape, if you are looking for lofty facial locks.

5. Fill in the blanks


If like many men, you suffer patchy facial hair, consider filling in the blanks with beard products that give the appearance of thicker beards. This will immediately draw the eye to the area and make it look as if there is more hair than there is. You’d be surprised how many beards seem thicker but are actually just trimmed and filled. Just be sure you don’t overdo it, otherwise you might end up Amish on the scale of awesome.

All it takes is a little patience, grooming, and perseverance. Let us know in the comments if you agree with these 5 ways to grow your beard!


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