Emitting the Clouds of legal corruption

And the #dieselgate is doing rounds and rounds and rounds and much more. Seriously what the hell was Volkswagen thinking in fooling the authorities and the consumer? These are the companies which talk about decency, our environment by bringing the hybrid cars and their progeny.

So you won’t be buying a Volkswagen, yeah you have an alternative, Chevrolet? Watch out for ignition? What about the Toyota? Ya airbags sink when they come out even before inflating, or a Ferrari? If you have some shit loads of money? Nahhh even it’s Takat airbags throw shrapnel’s when airbag inflate at the speed of 200kmph.

But wait, do you see any pattern? A f***ing pattern? I smell something fishy. in Europe, Japan and most everywhere else a sheer level of corruption that is revealing the cards held by the automobile industries.

What about banking? No no no its much worse since we came how a company like Goldman Sachs embezzled huge money by manipulating the market for recycled aluminum.  What about politics? The level of corporate lobbying is going out of control.

A corporate embezzlement is corruption right? Right? What? Is that NO? what the f**k?

Oh yeah you are right, the satyam scam in which the owner ramalingam raju was fined mere 5.5 crore for a 7000 crore accounting scam in which the big 4 company PWC was dragged too. But yes, lobbying do make your way. Shocking thing is ICAI didn’t even cancelled the license of the key auditors and management of PWC to carry Chartered accountancy profession but some mere pawns of chess were given up to save the king.

There is a difference between Political corruption and corporate corruption. In political corruption even  if we calculate tax we pay and total amount of scam in proportion we have little share of mere hundreds if we even take the 2G scam amount and still we deal with those issues by watching an overhyped journalist shouting his mouth out on national television by asking “The nation wants to know”. Meanwhile even if the investors lost some huge amount of money after the company did some scam in the name of giving false promises on high returns still the media will run news for few hours and come back on the issue “ Deepika padukone cleavage”.

But there is a similarity in both, Both go away very easily from the hands of Justice by hiring The best lawyers of country which may charge even 1 crore per hearing but these scumbags are loaded with shitloads of money that still they won’t be losing much.

Sometimes even I think that I am becoming more of Legal thinker than rational thinker after looking for proof and evidence in everything, yeah I agree that double checks the authenticity but it kills your innovative brain to find out the snake in the bush.

Coming back to the automobile industry ( yeah VW scam is making me do it) if we take the case of general motors they knew that people are dying due to a default in the ignition switches, but they were not even caring because they sold it and shrugged their shoulders of the responsibility to provide consumer a product that is totally safe for him/her. Yet they walked the doors scot free paying some fines.

This is what I call “ Legal corruption”.

Few days ago I came to know about a CEO who was labeled as “Douchebag of the world” when his company acquired rights to manufacture the drug that is used in AIDs and cancer diseases and the company increased the rate of one tablet from $13  to $750, yeah you Indian mind I am talking about RATE PER TABLET. Now I know you would do the math by comparing one price of the tablet with the Apple iPhone 6. Are these pharmaceutical companies having no life that they are doing nothing but charging thousands of dollars for life and death when the same can cost them in few hundred dollars. I wonder what the hell economists are doing here who are conferred to the nobel prizes that is eating dusts in their cabinets when such cases come to notice, I am sure there would be few economists having degree from ivy league will counter point by saying that the following mechanism is bringing more cash inflows and capital in the market that would correct the economy and the stock markets. Are they even thinking? You call them market? It is a godammit cartel of monopolies who don’t even care for life and death till their profit and loss account is showing a lot of profits with 60% in the general reserve account that help them save tax.

It’s not a scam it’s a syndrome among the mindset of corporate who has a target of the high ever return on investments.

The Volkswagen scam seems shocking as that will harm the Indian exports too lowering down as we can witness fall in the sale of Volkswagen cars in the global market.

But  deep within we all know where this will end? Lowered Sale will correct themselves  again after the matter cools down and some another scam is doing rounds in media. Top legal honchos will argue the case in apex court by reading out clause by clause of the contracts that would be an escape goat for them by paying few millions or billions that doesn’t even matter and the public would be too frenzy in booking the Volkswagen car that is available in discount in Diwali season.

Hence Das Auto.

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