The Evolution Of our Favorite Marvel Characters

Superheroes are timeless.

That’s why there have been so many renditions of our favorite heroes. From forgotten TV shows to movies they keep trying to remake, some renditions have been amazing while others have been… well, just not amazing.

Here are how some of how our favorite heroes have changed over the years.

1. Captain America – 1979

Needless to say this rendition of Captain America fell a bit flat of the hero from the comics.

Captain America – 2016

Captain America: Civil War will be the fifth time Chris Evans has donned the red, white, and blue suit. I can’t imagine anyone else playing Steve Rogers.

Captain America–2016

2. Spider-Man – 1977-1978

This short-lived TV show had the actor doing all his real stunts, giving Spider-Man a surprisingly human feel.

Spider-Man – 2016

We were all so excited to see Spider-Man show up in the trailer for Civil War. This movie’s going to be awesome! Love the expressive squinting eyes, just like the old-school cartoon!


3. The Punisher – 1989

The Punisher is a tricky character to get right, but they tried… and didn’t succeed. He doesn’t even wear the trademark skull…

The Punisher – 2016

Finally. THIS is The Punisher. He could kick ass while giving us all the reasons in the world to sympathize with him. Finally Marvel. Well done.

4. The Hulk – 1978

Oh, the seventies. Lou Ferrigno was the Hulk in probably the most practical way possible. He stripped down to just pants and was painted green. Done. While not a terrible Hulk, the show was less than perfect.

The Hulk – 2015

The Avengers brought us a new actor and a new Hulk. people were very skeptical when Mark Ruffalo came on to the project. He was an award winning actor, sure, but he appeared to be the opposite of Eric Bana and Edward Norton, the two actors who previously played The Hulk. Ruffalo was older, soft spoken, and not at all what we expected. But, he’s the best, hands down. They even brought Ferrigno in to do the voice when Banner Hulk’s out!

The Hulk – 2015
via Hollywood Reporter

5. Fantastic Four – 1994

This Fantastic Four version was never released officially, and it’s very easy to see why. The Thing looks very… thing-like. I’m not even sure what it is. There are copies of this movie floating around, if you want to torment yourself.

Fantastic Four – 2005

A decade later, this film was released. While entertaining, it had many problems. Mostly the characters lacking any kind of likability. But, regocnize Johnny Storm? Yeah, that’s Captain America himself, Chris Evans. Persoanlly, he makes a better super soldier than human torch.

Fantastic Four – 2015

Again, a decade later, this version was released, and again it fell flat. It was harshly criticized for it’s story line, character portrayal, and CGI. But, this version looks really cool. That has to count for something, right?

I got two more heroes for you that would be really pissed if you ignored them…

I got two more heroes for you that would be really pissed if you ignored them...
via Neo Gaf

6. Wolverine – 2003

X2 was a great movie, and the costumes were pretty cool too, even for Logan.

Wolverine – 2015

The new uniforms don’t look that different, but the updated version is pretty cool.

7. Deadpool – 2009

Yeah, not much to say about this one. This version of Deadpool started off pretty neat, but then took a dark turn and became Deadpool in name only… Merc with the Mouth without a mouth…wtf?

Deadpool – 2016

This is the Deadpool we all knew could be. He was crude, violent, and warmed our hearts. The uniform, attitude, humor (dirty and cheesy), were perfect.

Like an old costume better than a new one? COMMENT and let us know!

Like an old costume better than a new one? COMMENT and let us know!
via Reddit / imdeadpool1231

Main image via Fox Movies

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