Facebook Announces Tools To Control The News Feed

Now the Social media users on facebook will have more control on the newsfeed posts, the facebook said in a statement.

“ We are announcing better tools for you to actively for you to actively shape and improve the experience. We have redesigned and expanded facebook’s  News feed preferences to give you more control,” facebook executive said.

Facebook has realized the fact that nowadays users are frustrated from the post that are shown in news feed and that’s why they came up with a new tool.This tool helps to prioritize stories and post that you shouldn’t be missing. You can also select the friends that you want to show in the top in the news feed.

To access this feature you should n go in settings page and click on “ News feed preferences” , click on more in the bottom right hand corner of the facebook mobile app.

To see the post of your friends when you were not on facebook you should click on the friends profile picture to see their post first. Then you will able to see their post and there would be a star on side that means that you have selected them to show in newsfeed.

Facebook said that this new feature will be rolling in the upcoming week to iOS users first then to android and desktop users.

Tushar Luthra

By #TusharLuthra

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