Fairytale wedding on a budget

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Think exchanging vows comes with a hefty tag? Not necessarily…

You don’t get married every day (we hope). Of course, that’s your way of convincing yourself every time you make an extravagant unnecessary purchase. Or you can read on to find out how to plan your own wedding and save money as you do so.

 Rent, don’t buy
Don’t splurge your annual salary on a lehenga that you will wear just for one night. Try Swishlist.in, Popdesigner.com or Secretwardrobe.com – they provide wedding ensembles by designers like Rohit Bal, Sabyasachi and others, on rent. “You pay as little as Rs 8,000 for a lehenga that costs Rs 2-3 lakh otherwise,” says Delhi-based Vritika Ahuja, who recently tied the knot.

Breathtaking baubles? Rent them too!
Gold jewellery is an investment but not the kind you buy at the time of your wedding. Websites like Rentjewels.com, Adorn.com and Planyourwedding.co.in, let you rent jewellery online. If you’re wary, check with your local jewellers. “I rented gold jewellery against a refundable security deposit from a jeweller near my home,” says Ahuja.

Forget invites. Think websites and glossies
Wedding cards are passe. “Create your own wedding website and share the essentials — how you met, your love story, the date, venue and gift guidance,” says digital analyst Ankul Barar. Try Theknot.com, Squarespace.com, or Mywedding.com that create a chic website for free. Digital publishing platforms like GLOSSI let you create a digital wedding magazine for free.

Decor it yourself
Pinterest has umpteen DIY wedding ideas that you can incorporate. “For my wedding, I collected empty jars from friends and relatives to be used as hanging candle holders on tree branches at the venue. It looked ethereal and was very cost-effective,” says Delhi-based Sunaina Patwari.

The right venue
Choose an open space over a five-star hotel. “It doesn’t require much prepping (seasonal flowers and creative seating is enough) and will save you a few lakhs. Opt for a day wedding to avoid spending on fancy lights,” says Ashu Garg, founder of an event firm.

Picture perfect
​Have a friend who’s an amateur photographer? Get her to click candid shots. “Create a wedding community on social media and ask guests to share their pictures,” says N Radhika, who recently tied the knot.

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