Features that Apple copied from others for iPhone 6S

This time the Apple fans were satisfied that some new features are added up to the phone that are not copied at least. As last year Apple users were made fun of the swipe keyboard which was with android for long time.

Being Honest even we were amaze then we got to know that these features were also copied from somewhere and will tell you from where.


  1. 3D touch

Apple is boasting a lot about this new feature, basically on the pressure of touch you can perform different actions. For eg. If you touch deeper then some menu would pop out and if you touch slightly then the call menu.

While this feature was in discussions in the IFA 2015 when the Huawei Mate S was launched.


  1. swipe animated image

with the new feature in the phone camera the camera captures a bit little before and the output image would be animated image or a type of GIF you can also say.

However if we just notice the Nokia/Microsoft Lumia series they had an option of so called “ lively image”. Even HTC came with a feature called “HTC Zoe” which would capture 3.6 seconds snippet.


  1. 4K recording

We have heard of 4K TV and also phones..

You knew this feature is also inspired from others? You didn’t ? seriously? Ok no issues.

We were totally mesmerized in the Apple live event in which they showed some videos in 4k resolution but the Sonia Experia Z3 and the LG flagship phone LG G3 featured this feature.


  1. Front camera flash

The selfie fever is so rising that the users find it tough to capture images in dark from front camera, but now Apple came with so called “ Retina Flash” in which the screen becomes 3 times brighter and use white light to use it as flash and after click displays go backs to normal.

Yes , so you are correct here it’s “ SNAPCHAT”, even this feature is copied from snapchat .


  1. Aerospace industry graded Aluminum body

The new iphone6S is reportedly made up of 7000 series  of aluminum material that is aerospace  industry graded.

But this is not a new feature, the Samsung Flagship phones Galaxy S6 and S6 edge are also made of the same material.

So I guess so Android users would be happy as they got some pints to counter the superiority of Android over iOS. Cheers fans 

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