Ferrari recalls 2,400 cars

The Italian super car maker decided to recall about a third of its annual car production because of a new problem associated with the airbags.

The airbags are being manufactured by Takata,  and the Japanese company is embroiled in the motor industry’s biggest safety crisis.

The parent company of Ferrari ‘fiat Chrysler automobiles’ found that the airbags in every model built between December 2014 and april 2015 were inflating improperly, increasing the risk of injury in crash.

Takata is questioned on the safety grounds from many companies in the world as the Takata is involved in the world biggest crisis as in may 21 the company agreed in the US court hearing  that the the number can be much huge of the faulty airbags fitted in cars. The number of affected cars climbed to a staggering 53 million with 35 million cars in US alone.
in May, the motor experts warned that there would be  world biggest recall as Takata has 20% share in airbags manufacturing in world.

The car brands that are affected include Toyota, Honda, Mazda, Nissan, BMW,Mercedes-Benz, Lexus, Chrysler, Ford and General Motors.

So far, at least 556,000 cars have been recalled in Australia to have their Takata airbags replaced, but that figure is set to rise following the developments in the US which has dramatically expanded the number of affected vehicles.

The problem with the airbags in Ferrari is different to the inflator problem involved in wider Takata recall which sprays shrapnel in the car due to moisture content in airbags.

Here the leather covering on airbags designed especially for Ferrari had been improperly glued to the plastic part, causing cushion to deploy at wrong angle . The recall relates to driver side airbags and covers 2409 models worldwide including 458 italia, The F12 Berlinetta and the California T.

Though Ferrari said the problem was entirely fault of Takata, the recall is still embarrassing for the prancing horse marque which is expecting to launch an IPO in New York stock exchange in coming weeks.

Tushar Luthra

By #TusharLuthra

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