First Footage From “Captain America: Civil War”

The wait is over. The Official Trailer of Captain America Civil War is here. During the convention of Disney “D23 Expo”, Marvel introduced the first trailer of the film “Captain America: Civil War”.

Producer Kevin Feige, actors Chris Evans and Anthony Mackie hosted.

According to reports IGN portal, the clip starts with a fight between “Black Widow” and “Crossbones”, who tries to blow up a truck. During the battle the villain throws an explosive falling by the powerful shield of “Captain America” who throws his iconic weapon to prevent damage to those around him.

In another scene the “General Ross,” from “The Incredible Hulk” film, talks to “Rogers” on how the world now sees him as a caretaker and not as a hero.

In the next cut “Iron Man” discussed in “Rogers”: “What makes us different from the villains if we act without supervision?”, The military responds: “That’s what you wanna Do you protection?”. No discussion curb “Iron Man” mentions: “Sometimes I would punch you in your perfect teeth.”

The forward ends with a scene from “Hawkeye” opening a truck where there is a nervous “Ant Man” who exclaims: “You know many superpersons, so thanks for thinking of me.”

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