First Game in Facebook Messenger unreveled

facebook messenger game

Facebook Messenger recently just hit one billion downloads on its Android app. Along with various in-app purchases and stickers to Messenger, Facebook has now introduced its first game, Doodle Draw to the platform.

To download the game, tap on the more (•••) button in a Messenger chat to open the platform app list. First spotted by, Doodle Draw is similar to Draw Something, which is now available as a free app for Android and iOS. The new app lets you draw and send content to your friends. It’s almost the same as Pictionary, wherein users can scribble something with a few colors and and then send it to friends.

They will then have to guess what has been drawn. Players can also earn points to buy  more colors. At the moment, there are very few things one can draw. The report points out that it is unclear whether Facebook would one day earn a cut of such revenue, but as of now its not ‘taxing’ other Messenger apps.

Earlier this month, Facebook introduced a new location sharing feature to Messenger. Compared to the previous technique of simply sharing one’s information about their location, users can now send a map of their whereabouts via a message. The new feature is very similar to the way users share their locations in Google Hangouts.

According to Facebook, you will need to simply tap the More icon or the location pin at the bottom of your screen in Messenger, if you wish to tell a friend which restaurant to meet you at. You can search for the restaurant and send a map of where it is located. For late comers, users can also send a map of where they are to their friends and let them know as to how far away they are. Locations can only be shared via these messages and no new permissions are needed to activate the new sharing option, says Facebook.

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