First iPad mini 4 leak hints at major changes ahead

ipad leak

There’s no way to confirm it, but these images appear to show the chassis for the next #iPad mini, the #iPad mini 4.

Snapped by and shared by #Fizzip, the photos show a metal frame with an Apple-shaped cut-out and several clues to what’s in store next for the iPad mini.

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Here’s one hint: just like the iPad Air 2, the next iPad mini apparently won’t have a mute/orientation switch, previously located above the volume buttons and replaced by a small microphone hole.

That change could indicate that this is a true iPad mini refresh, not a minor one like the iPad mini 3 with TouchID. Apple loves to add small touches and bump the price up, but this chassis might be for a true next-gen iPad mini.

Unfortunately simply staring at the tablet’s metal shell doesn’t tell us much else for sure. The large cut-out is apparently for an LTE modem, and the holes for speakers and the lightning port are where you’d expect them.

Apple has no major events coming up – that we know of at least – but if there’s one thing the company has proved, it’s that it’s hard to predict. You never know where the new iPad mini might pop up next.

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