France extends support to India’s stake in UNSC

France has pledged support for India’s claim to <a href=””>permanent membership at the Security Council. </a>

This was conveyed by the French side to the Indian government, official sources said.

They said France has also welcomed India’s engagement in the <a href=””>UN peace-keeping operations</a> expressing the view that the world would be less safe without Indian soldiers.

France reaffirmed its commitment to issues of international peace and security, especially counter-terrorism. It also registered its opposition to atrocities against humans and destruction of heritage property.

The French support comes as a boost to India’s agenda of UN reforms and its ambitions for a place in the<a href=””> UN Security Council. </a>

Counter-terrorism was also discussed in Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s meeting with President Francois Hollande when he visited France earlier this year.

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