Get a Porsche Smartphone at Rs. 99,990 ONLY

“ONLY” was for only those with deep pockets so it is a request to other to don’t get offended on this. Anyway jokes apart Blackberry india which is just struggling in country to regain the market of luxury phones of which it was a king seems like is taking no lessons from it’s mistakes and has launched a Luxury phone at a very high price. The phone would be custom built phone for their premium super rich customers who are obsessed with the Blackberry brand at a jaw dropping price of rs. 99,990 ONLY.

The phone is QWERTY plus touch screen phone having exclusive graphite coloured elements and hand wrapped leather on the back door of the cover.

Now you would be interested to know the specs of this 1 lac phone so here you go.

It features a 3.1 inch touch screen with a screen resolution of 720P. The processor is 1.5GHz dual core Snapdragon S4 processor which is an antique and vintage processor considering the latest one as it dates out to 2012. It comes up with 2GB RAM , ^$GB internal storage with a micro SD option of expandable upto 128GB via microSD card.

Hitesh Shah Director for sales and distribution says ” This smartphone is custom built for power professionals aiming to make a style statement while not willing to compromise on effective communication and collaboration.”

Nowadays the consumer is very intelligent and knows very well where to invest. You can get a Tata Nano or go to luxurious foreign trip or get a high level DSLR or get a decent bike or collection of luxurious wrist watches or a Porsche Blackberry Phone, it’s upto you

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