Ghosts Prank | Must Watch | You Will Die Out Of Laughter

REAL GHOSTS SCARY FLYING surround you at midnight ,what would you do? First ghost flying and second ghost running scaring shit out of people on streets of India.. how would you escape now ??? BEST FUNNY GHOST PRANK REACTIONS EVER.

So, We didn’t want to just scare people but wanted more than that . the prank was to make a flying ghost appear from nowhere suddenly in front of them and as they are getting scared by the real scary flying ghost ,we have other ghost ready appearing from behind to make situation even scarier !! Now the victim is stuck between two scary real ghosts. Wouldn’t that be hilarious to watch how people would react in such situations.

It really took lots of time and efforts to set up and shoot for this haunted horror video, we pranked so many people , but here we bring you the funniest and best reactions caught on camera !! hope you like extremely funny and crazy screams and scares ,haunted Halloween prank.

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