Google Employees On Quora Revealed Their Experience Working There And Well, See For Yourself

At Forbes’ Most Valuable Brands list, Google ranks second. It was ranked the best company to work at in 2016 for the seventh time in last ten years and has also topped the World’s Most Attractive Employer list many times.

Are employess at google really happy | what is it like to work at google

So everyone working at Google must be having an experience of their lifetime, no?

Apparently, no! While the company remains to one that facilitates its employees with dreamy perks, current and former employees are now claiming that no matter how jealous their friends are, working at Google is apparently not as fun and challenging as they had thought it to be in the first place.

The revelation was made by these employees in a Quora thread when a certain user had asked the Internet about the negatives of working in a too-good-to-be-true office like Google.

While a few complaint about the food at the Google’s Mountain View headquarters, which was “getting worse and worse by the day,” others complained of the headquarters location where the cost of living is insane.

“Ten years ago we used to get prime ribs, sushi, freshly made rolls, fresh coconuts. Today’s food is totally meh by comparison,” wrote one former Google employee. “I know, I know, many companies today don’t even offer food, but try to look at it from the Googlers’ perspectives. The company took us in for an amazing deal and then the deal just went down the hill.”

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Andrian Carballo wrote that the free food offered at Google is actually more of a bane that being a boon.

“You do have free food available all the time, and many cafes, gyms, laundry rooms, etc. but over time as you start using all these perks (because it’s just too convenient) you spend more and more of your time at the office. You start making the same choices day in and day out. You hang out more and more with the same people you work with. People who you may not even like, but what the hell, it’s free food!

Another former employee added, “Basically, you end up spending the majority of your life eating Google food, with Google coworkers, wearing Google gear, sending Google email on Google phones.”

“You eventually start to lose sight of what it’s like to be independent of the big G, and every corner of your life is set up to reinforce the idea that you would be absolutely insane to want to be anywhere else.”

“You are given everything you could ever want, but it costs you the only things that actually matter in the end.”

do you actually enjoy working at google


“I often say Google has a great problem: Too many outstanding people,” pointed a former employee out. “I left a great seven-year career… because it just wasn’t that challenging. My growth would have stunted, and I would have been unhappy.” 

There were others who felt that their dream of making a difference was going no where in the company and the impact they created on the business “was minimal.”

“Unless you are an amazingly talented engineer who gets to create something new, chances are you’re simply a guy/girl with an oil can greasing the cogs of that machine,” they wrote.

do employees at google get to live their dreams?

Joe Cannella summed it up pretty well.

“In the end, what I started to see was the most amazing, talented, passionate group of people I’ve ever known, all in one place, with no free time or energy to pursue the things that mattered the most to them,” he wrote.

“Many want to change the world, and they thought that’s what they’d do while at Google. Sometimes that happens… but not nearly enough.”

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Well, tbh, doesn’t matter. I still want a job there. Google, are you listening?

You can read the entire Quora thread here.

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