GoPro-Sized Interchangeable Camera Lens

Isn’t it impressive..?.A camera which can combine the portability of a GoPro with capabilities & flexibility of an interchangeable lens snapper.

So guys, you don’t have to wait any more for this because plucky startup Z camera has created the exactly same. Dubbed the E1, it’s lightweigh (209 g including battery) & extremely compact (75.2×56.1×27.5mm), camera with a 16MP sensor which will able to capture 4k videos as well as stills & Micro four thirds lens mount.

For sure, a lot of lenses will massively increase bulk of the camera but there is very few tiny ‘Pancake’ lenses that will keep E1 roughly GoPro-sized.

The camera is very tiny for viewfinder but there is dinky LCD screen for composing shots and setting change and much more like Wi-Fi and Bluetooth that will make you enable to link up a smartphone for expanded control options. Not over Android & IOS apps are also on the way.

Z camera has exceeded their target by currently seeking funding for E1 through kick’ll need to back the project to the tune of at least US$599 to get your own E1 with an estimate delivery of November 2015. Eventually, the company will hit the market next year with retail for around US$ 700.

By #Vipra

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